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Friday, July 22, 2011

Albums fait Avec l'amour: La Vie en Rose Soundtrack

 I will admit, I have not previewed all Edith Piaf music. Hey don't sweat me about it, lol. I am still a big fan. I've just discover her music about a year ago. Recently, I have had the honor of hearing more of her music.

This soundtrack, was amazing. It's completely re-mastered, So the sound is clearer. But the soundtrack is only of Ms. Piaf most famous works. I actually, love the additionally songs go with the mood of the movie; even if Ms. Piaf talents was only shown  at the beginning of the album, with no more than 11 songs. 

Overall, It was still an enjoyable album. But my only problem was where was Edith??. She has more than 11 Amazing works. The track it taken up by "Other Artist" which is not that bad, but it should be based on Ms. Piaf music. 
And "La Vie En Rose" not in French?.. 
only the english version...come on

I can see why some fans were disappointed about the album. There fans of Edith, and just wanted to hear her music. But it is a soundtrack.
I loved it. Fascination by Maya Barsony. Wow Love it , just beautiful, also L'éveil, L'éveil and of course Ms. Piaf works. 

Thanks, Christopher Gunning, Jil Aigrot, Charly Maresca, Frédéric Foret, Alceo Passeo, Maya BarsonyEdith Piaf.

My ratings 4 out of 5
bonsoir espoir mon blog vous apporter la paix et le bonheur.
Goodnight hope my blog bring you peace and happiness.
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Edith, Edith, Edith!

"La vie en rose 
I thought that love was just a word
They sang about in songs I heard
It took your kisses to reveal 
That I was wrong, and love is real"

"La vie en rose
Je pensais que l'amour était juste un mot
Ils chantaient des chansons que j'ai entendu
Il a fallu tes baisers de révéler
Que j'avais tort, et l'amour est réel"

Edith, Edith, Edith!
Great soundtrack, & movie. What a beautiful women Inside & out. She is amazing. " The Voice Of Paris" or  "The little sparrow"

I actually picked up this movie in the library. I saw the title I said " hey this might be a pretty cool movie". 
I did not know it was it was in french, but subtitles never bothered me. 

The french Language actually made it more interesting, and once I watched this film I was in love. 
Truly powerful.  
"La Vie En Rose"  was about Edith Piaf early life, until her death.....

This Film gives an insight into Ms. Piaf life, which was shrouded in mystery; tossed between a mother that wants to be a "l'artiste", and a father who desires the same.
Edith's father took her to a bordello in Normandy, where his mother can look after her; while he goes off to work acrobat in the circus. 
At the brothel, Titine ( a prostitute) gets attached to Edith, from her despair of loneliness. Titine, actually helps Edith through her keratitis-induced blindness.  

Edith father eventually comes back to take her to join him, as he works in the circus as acrobat. 
After a few years, Edith leaves him.

Years later, you see Edith singing on the street corner; just for scrapes, just to get by. She approached by Louis Leplée ( night club owner). He's so impressed, he hired her, and gave her the name "The little sparrow".  and while everything seems to be going well; Louis Leplée ends up dead, through Ms. Piaf connections to the mafia.

Soon after grief. Ms. Piaf meets Raymond Asso; who helps her with her performance, and her  "Great Hands".. 
Soon after, this collaboration conjoined, that led to her wonderful success. Edith also finds love in Marcel Cerdan (a French national who is a boxer); who is married by the way. 
Ms. Piaf is absolutely in love.
 You can hear her singing " La Vie En Rose " in the background, and while these two soul mates mate as one. However, Marcel dies from a plan crash from Paris, too New York.

Marcel death takes a toll on Edith, and she starts to age faster, from the drugs, arthritis, and alcohol; eventually leads to her death.
Ms. Piaf is on her death bed, while you still see her on the stage at the Olympia, singing "Je ne regrette rien" which means "No, I don't regret a thing". While you never see Edith dies. You can sense that she passed away ... 
Powerful moment.

 My favorite Quote from the movie
An Interviewer ask question to Edith, while she is knitting on the sunny beach.
"what is her favorite color? (blue), her favorite food? (pot roast), and then more poignant questions that she also answers without hesitation, again showing the longings of her life. If you were to give advice to a woman, what would it be? "Love." To a young girl? "Love." To a child? "Love." 

Ms. Piaf had a very sad, and confusing life. Which I could understand. I can sense Ms. Piaf was lonely.  
People she cared for the most, either abandon her, taken away from, or death.
My favorite scene, is when Edith saw this doll she loved, in her younger years; you can tell she admiring , the porcelain doll, as if she would never have it, At the end you see her father giving her a gift, which winds up being the doll, she admired that day. This scene was a crying moment; because you can sense Ms. Piaf  was on her death bed, thinking of the good, & the bad moments, that changed her life. Very touching moment...... 

Ms. Edith Piaf voice is absolutely stunning. The movie "La Vie En Rose, & watching videos of her on YouTube. 
I understood her; her passion, devotion, her fears, caring, & loving nature. This is one woman I'd love to talk too, for advice, and direction.

My Ratings 
5 out of 5 
Great movie!
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

"Edith a touché tant par sa musique. "Sa voix était l'âme de Paris" Un diamant à un rude
"Edith has touched so many through her music. Her voice was the soul of Paris" A diamond in a rough"
Marion Cotillard en Édith Piaf

Gérard Depardieu en Louis Leplée
Sylvie Testud en Mômone (Simone Berteaut)

Jean-Pierre Martins en Marcel Cerdan
Emmanuelle Seigner en Titine
Pascal Greggory en Louis Barrier
Jean-Paul Rouve en Louis Gassion

Enjoy. Muah. Nailah


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