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Let's just say in simple words " I am goodie-toe-shoes with an edge".
Okay, I guess that wasn't that simple, lol. But I think you get the picture.
By now I think you know my name is Nailah D'arcy. Pretty simple name right? lol.

I was born in California.
But, now live in Florida. My dream is to live in France. One day I will..... one day.

I am 24 years-old, and still feel like I'm 19 ( I am going through a midlife crisis. Just a phase. lol j.k) .
I went through my teens trying to find myself I would say.
Tried to be a model, that didn't work. The petite model, never get's
Went to beauty school, and got my license. Hated it.
Tried to get a normal 9-5 J-O-B. The economy sucks.... 
Yeah, as you see I found myself quickly, lol. And, I made it right back to what I love.

I guess every bloggers "About Me" page goes into the description that they were born to be a writer, or their life is surround by their niche...

 Well in my case, yes, lol..... 

I want to surge myself  into the  involving enigma, which is now called blogging.  I'd love to wear the title "writer", although I know that'll come with hard work, and a great grammar checker. I try my hardest not to become lackadaisical, but I'm just a girl in love with love, and a quill.

I guess I believe love is more powerful, than hate. When chaos created our world, love also contributed. Yet we live in a world full of hate.. the irony of that! I guess the Golden Age is over. 

I have a quote I live by 
" I never shed a tear for hauteur, I only shed a tears for l'amour" ~ Nailah D'arcy
And quote I breathe 
"If you lose your innocence, you'll lose yourself " -N.D

Overall, Romantique Innocence is not just about me, it's about passion, love, acceptance, and realism. Which is very important to me, since we live a world of superficiality. A Me, Me, Me world instead of We waiting .

Romantique Innocence is all about the younger girl, discovering the world the way it is. It has it perks, but yet clouded with mischief.

I wanted too break away from everything cliche, and superficial topics. 

I want to bring words of L'amour, and encouragement to all:
Because I only write for l'amour.. 
In the end I do everything for L'amour.....
I L'amour L'amour
Nailah D'arcy

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Romantique Innocence By Nailah D'arcy