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Monday, September 15, 2014

History Of L'amour:" The Ugly Duckling, Ready for Plucking: Part 2

Andersen had openly bisexually encounters; with his flamboyant propositions, that took on a form of provocative letters, request, and adoration.
While this may have play a commonality among many men in his peer group. Homo-erotic behavior seems to been a favoured among the intellects. By expanding their knowledge, and exploring their sexuality. Andersen would of  fit quite well with the clan of Socrates; yet this wasn't ancient Athens. Victorians weren't so forgiven, in this regard.
Many outlandishly called Andersen bisexual....

What's the contrast between verbally sexual, and admiration for those among his peer group?
How far is too far?
What's inappropriate?
What is an innocent exchange?
What are the clear signs?
This is not questions I'm asking you, just obtuse observation. 

We are now privy to those openly of "coming out" ( as we call it), yet, even Andersen in his well crafted timeline, never physically came out the closest. What's the best place for a man to come out, then in his own diary?

Is it possible for our beloved eventyr  may have been  a homosexual, and not know it? I  have many questions that'll never be answered.
Many now claim, Andersen shown characteristic of Asperger syndrome. I don't know, and to be quite frank, we'll never know. Speculation, that's it. If that's the case, could this be the reason for his eccentric ways?

Adversely, a small deception displays some hints and signs of hidden emotions. Ludwig Muller, is a prime example. A twenty three adult, robust male, caught the eye of Andersen. Yet his emotions were part of cruel joke of intimation. Letter that signed his name, but not by him. Andersen was heartbroken when the letters stopped.

The most infamous story of them all, starring Mr. Charles Dickiens. Although, it is clear that their relationship was strictly platonic, nevertheless, you sense his deep connection for a male companionship.

Both highly respected literary figures, in the Victoria Era. Their relationship developed under mutual understanding.
These two are what you would call Not quite gentlemen They may have a drinks with them, and speak on the arts with the upper class; But these two were cut from the same cloth.
They broadcasted the pain of suffering of the underprivileged ( Where is Tim Wise When I need him. I will not attempt to you use the word overprivileged, But I'm itching too) They were true men of the world. Knowing the dark, and light.

 Andersen describes their meeting as if there was a center, and the crew running amok; not nothing what to do next. Yet, the two stop stop in their tracks, butterflies, birds chirping about. It was love at first sight write. Running towards each other in slow motion, Okay, I'm done with  my saccharine scene.
I think you get the picture.
I'm  pretty sure this is how Andersen saw it, but how did Dickens picture it?

Although, their first meeting went very well;  In fact, Dickens came to see him off. That should have reminded him of the day when Collin's so eagerly to see him off, yet this time his companion was eager to be in his presences. But It wouldn't be long, until Andersen took that long, and dreary trip back to England.

Prematurely, before his arrival, Dickens sneaked a sly remark, about his companion in writing to those closed to him. 

It is said, that Andersen arrived in the Dickens home at the wrong time.
Life for the Dickens was beginning to crumble. And, our dear friend Andersen, is an oddball ( in the most charming way.) what people would call a nuisance, and that he was. 

The Dickens family; using words such as Gauche, and Oddity. This left to the family neglect of a man who spoke in broken english, and sonically awkward, left only tense moments.
Overstaying his welcome. Charles, and the Dickens family, subtilely giving signals for Andersen to depart. Once that day came Andersen went his way, and Dickens surely left him behind, only answering to one of Hans letters; never to contact him every again.

Harald Scharff
As a person who adamantly adores Little Dorrit & Bleak House,  I'm very shocked and sadden by his behavior towards Andersen. Makes me hate him.. sad to say, but the truth. While this may not indicate a homosexual infatuation, this may prove that he was purely desperation for attention. Which happen to be  predominantly male.

Unlike, Hereditary Grand-Duke, whom Andersen outwardly  exclaimed "I quite love the young duke, he is the first of all princes that I really find attractive", and Harald Scharff, whom Andersen shared very passionate exchanges with. Both relationships soured over time. Left Andersen in a state of a frenzy. As a man gradually aging, and abandoned; left him with minimal options.

Brothels became Andersen hangout. He'll pay, get close, but end with nothing, but,a high paying conversation, with a prostitute asking to Kneppe, Pour faire l'amour. He wrote about her, stating  that she was very sad. He choosed the youngest, and fairest, the unwanted, the crestfallen. He was looking for himself, and he found it in the right place, a pit full of the misused.

Our puritan left with his virginity. Now that raises the question, what of love life was he truly seeking?

Words Of L'amour 
History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren't there. (George Santayana). That is the truth. 
 Undoubtedly, Han's appears to be more sincere. Majority of people can somehow sympathize with him. There is a child within all of us that we let go off, and he never did.You can either call him strange, or braves. 
I been procrastinating.  I feel like I have to let someone, I feel deeply for, that I never meet. go. Eh, I get to attach.
"The world would be so beautiful if only everyone would let their heart play a greater part" Hans Christian Andersen

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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