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Monday, July 28, 2014

Clear Window

There's a window I remember
You, and me last September
Ideally we would say-
I rather get lost in the woods, while you rather get swept away.
Partially only in two inches of segregation; felt like many miles, many distances of degeneration. 
The smell of  desperation 
The need for separation. 
A clear window that held a simple declaration.

He'd rather dream while I rather he disregards the splendor!
There it is again,
That enigma
That window I remember!
But I didn't remember it, until last December.
I'm still there, while he mount a stranger. 
One I knew that was coming
Her tandem was heard as I was humming. 
Clairvoyant I call myself, 
Annoying is an adjective he would enslave in her. 
But through that mirror that's what I saw last September.
A perspicuous encounter--
A spiteful mirror
You know the one last September.
The one I shouldn't remember.
Written By Nailah D'arcy

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