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Monday, June 2, 2014


Once I loved......
He knew naught
I could never show my feelings.
Why not?
Tenderness was never part of me
I was one, with a fondness of apathy.
Why's that?
Because it was only shown to me.
We only duplicate what we see.
Who told you that?
I, and me
And sometimes she and he.
They shown me by actions,
Something words cannot express;
But kindness, that digress as debris.
He told me he love me before!
With only his eyes, and nothing more.
How did you know?
Because my soul told me so.
My heart cried,
My soul rest to sow
Are you lying?
Don't I have an orchestra behind me, a cantata chorus beside me.
What you think is amidst me, a fabricator.
Wow, what a mystery
My imagination proceeds me!
No, it's my heart, devoid of me.
Would you ever go back?
What too heartache?
No, I a rather stay alone with me
An interrogate my concise 
Now you see!
You  destitute to be lonely only with me 
Why yes?
Doesn't it get boring being with me?
No, because I'm always with me
Your rationality secures me....
Is it so?
Yes, because no one will ever hear me.

-By Nailah D'arcy 

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