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Monday, June 30, 2014

My Lover & My Mistress, & my wife......................

Once again, I'm back here again
With you
Your note
And your pen-
I have no one to run to
You're the only one that knows my troubles.
Oh I know I trouble you. I once profess my love to you, and only you.
But if I give you a dime would you listen to my chime.
Oh please one last time!
Don't deny me. I would give you a second try.
I promise to leave and never come back this time-

Oh why, oh why
I took your advice. 
I went to my lovers, and told them outright. I read to them, what I wrote for them.
That you advised me last night.
I confessed!
I must recite my penance.

"To you my wife  I write this-
My love you've always had the upper hand
You  make all the commands
I play right into your hands
Although, I love you
I need another-
To fill the void and the imagery that I want to explore.
One who titillate my sentence, and validate my ploys.
I need two, no, but more to make me satiate my taste for more.

To you my adorable mistress-
Your oeuvre has won over me Misses. I wouldn't dare tell you her name, but I can tell you she's a poesy testy enchantress.
My laconic is now ubiquitous, now that I have spoken, and read this seductress.
You might even know her
You might even touched her
In a secret world, you may have fucked her.

To the one I recite this too
I promised myself only one
But then, I met you, and was swoon
Now who is to blame?
I wanted  you without shame, and now I sit in mourning of all I become and what I lost.
What a sadness coitus is put in use for.

You, my love, my wife I fooled you once, but I can't fool you twice
Your simple imagination with hearts.
And you my mistress, poetry you, oh my temptress
You, my darling, sitting next to me, in ink dapper in what's black, silver, and white-
You had me at first sight, heed my monotone slurred.
My doctor, my therapist, my concise, you soothe my mind, my conscious, and my licentiousness. Now what has become of this? 
Me? A hit, and a miss?
I thought I could you keep you all amidst!
How bad was I with this?

You want to know why I did this? Simple 
I'm a woman for a taste of this-
My lover is feisty, seductive, and voluptuous
My wife is allure, trusting, and colorless
My wife never suspects, no apprehension
She's jejune, She is inept and sometimes a delusionalist.
While my lovers sucks me in, and draws me in, and lives in my head.
Daring me, intoxicating me, teasing me, arouse me, surrounds me and covers me in my head
throughout the night
While my wife, only calms me, speaks sweet nothings and leaves me numb, yet dumb but fills my heart"
I need to more to life than this.
 Language speaks levels to me; 
It's never a hit, or miss with me.
While I implore this to you, my concise, do you have advice for a cheating minx?
Because I lost my prolific place, and I need a new mix!
By Nailah D'arcy 

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

I have a feeling I have to explain this piece I wrote. My Lover & My Mistress, & my wife.
My wife resembles Love, my mistress is Poetry/Literature, and my Lover/Therapist is my is my concise. Metaphorically, these things shrouded my life at one time or another, and competely occupied all my time.

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