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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One Saucy Wench: Pity A Second Hélène Of Troy?

Now, mind you, I have divulge in what seems to be the first mundane soap opera.
I completely hate soap operas, they absolutely make no sense to me whatsoever. I despise the cheesy, oh how I do! Nevertheless I was bored with netflix so close to me, with a little volition, I looked at the recommendations netflix laid out for me. 
Irrevocably there it was in plain sight a picture of Gina McKee in a very elegant red dress. Dressed as a patina. I've seen her in The Borgia's, and was left impressed. Thus, how did I know I'd end up hating the sight of this woman just by the poster.
A woman instinct?
Maybe, how knows!

At first it seemed a fairy typical storyline, rebuffed wife, and besotted husband ( I know right, the originality is quite refreshing, lol). Marginally The Forsyte Saga is all about possessiveness, selfishness, and thoughtlessness, which we all posses as Homosapien.
Yet, I noticed favour towards Irene's suffering, while, Soames is left misunderstood?

My blood boiled at the sight of Irene Forsyte. Galsworthy was way to forgiving towards her very flawed nature.

I tried to remain impartial, but as you see, I'm pro-Soames. I'm going to tell you why.

1. Irene knew from the start she'll never love him, and when they were married she never tried to compromise. Desperate for money, instead of marrying Soames she could have convert into a governess, music teacher,etc, learn from Jane Eyre, or better yet, Jolyon's first wife.
Some might say she's a gold digger, or you might say, those were the times, and women do desperate things to survive. 
I say BS!
She could have stayed single; Irene had that option. So don't cry about a loveless marriage. Many women before, and after suffer an obsolete marriage.

2. She played the Victim.
Every mishap was a fault of their own. In her mind she didn't contribute to anything. Woe me, Woe me, my life is horrible, my husband built me a house, and tries to be nice to me. Woe me, Woe me, my husband is loyal, but I have a lover, and he still loves me. Woe me, Woe me I hate the sight of my unattractive husband, ah, woe me. 
Do you see the flood of my tears? Do you? Now fill my tube with me.

3. Irene was a terrible friend to June Forsyte. Who sleeps with their best friend fiancé? Who? Tell me? Who?
Now do you think, if that was you: would you ever be able to be friends with that woman every again?
That means she's not trustworthy, right? 
Of course The Forsyte Saga didn't go into that. 
Well June did! Let Zeus have mercy on her forgiving nature, because I know I wouldn't!

There is no way in hell you can't tell me when this transaction aspired, you weren't thinking , Wow ,what a selfish b!tch.

4This is the part the stuns me the most. She should have left England, when she left Soames.
 Wouldn't you if you were so terrified of someone?

 Afterwards, she became a parasite to the Forsyte family. Puting Jolyon, June, Jolyon Sr in the middle of her rift with Their family.  Now unlike most people, I find that to be the biggest disrespect of them all. Never come between a family. It shows you have a lack of character, and driving on their resentment, rather logical respect.
Never come between a family!
5. In the end, Irene was no different from Soames. She showed her true selfishness with her son.  He's strong love for Soames Daughter, Fleur ( Out of all the chacters, her and Jon are my favorites.) was the true test of Posseiveness.

 It seems that John Galsworthy didn't seem to catch on to this. Emotionally possessiveness is the worst of them all. Preying on someone fears! And to your own children, eh, how disgusting.

Her reasons were that she didn't want to be alone, and she didn't want to share grandchildren with a man she loathes.
So in her case, my son must suffer because of my bad decisions?
Once again, Wow.

While, I'm still viewing the first cinema adaption, and reading the novel as we speak. I will always be bias towards her ( can't even say her name). 
I don't respect people whom can't admit their failings. Which she feigning does on various occasion, disgustingly. 
On the other hand, I'm not excusing Soames behavior. He did rape Irene. I have to admit, she brought that on herself. She brought that man to madness, left him on Cassandra( mythology) door steps. 
Without any sympathy. 
What did she expect?

The Forsyte Saga showed that we hate people for qualities we have in ourselves, and we as people hold it against them.
 Torture them for it, because we hate ourselves for it.

The feuding families were no different for each other. Makes you question life is general. There are no villains, or heroes. Even if the Author tried to make it so.

What do you think?
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

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