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Monday, May 5, 2014

Every woman get's on her back for profit. While, every man would sell's his spine for wealth; Both either noticeable, or subtly.

House of Pleasure ( AKA House of Tolerance) only shed highlights on the first half of the opening title.

My title, or the movie title may strike, or revolt you. Nevertheless, everyone needs to tap into all sides of the world; its proximity is right outside your door; with light taps opens the door to the Twilight of the 19th Century.

 This courageous nominal is ever woman, just in different faculties. We all suffer from the want to be love, a need of a saviour.
As the madam explains to the little one "Do you want to marry? " no"  she answers, the madam replies "Why are you lying?... Don't fool yourself. A man rarely marries a prostitute."

My ideal of Boredolla blended with nymphs collectively in water, ( Well, that did sorta of happened ) orgies ( Well that happened too), decadent fashion ( Check that one too) unrequited love, (That's expected) double-crossing ( That happens every day).

Let's just say this my foresight was little glamorized, more counterintuitive.

While most stories tend to glorify brothels, House of Pleasures tones down those ideas, and reaches for depth. Umasking strong women, in the finale of upscale prostitution; with the common street walker on the uprising.
 Samira "the Algerian"

Poetically this film is apocryphal of malapropistic. Maneuvers through a time capsule, through modern film score, abstract photos, and the future of a street walker.

House of Pleasure is an elegy with a meagerly plot. The women live inside what they're told is paradise ( compare to many other places ). Nevertheless, each knowing life would be the same behind close doors, as it would be in the light, or worst, when the clap is shut, you'll always have to open it, to get places.

Outside, Charon is demand coinage for passage, and every man pays willingly. 
And, they accept their lot, by jokily talking about they're partners, sexual transmitted diseases, and disgruntle personalities; although inside they're broken.

I have a love for realism. And, the french distinctively have a grab on this. They truly know how to paint a beautiful portrait, yet, with only a turd as its model. In retrospect, its never superficial. Everything is geared towards life, and what it holds, its flaws, and our destructive behaviors. A portraitist design, of a setting that you and I created; unlike american cinema, that creates one on its own.

This a film you'll either like, or hate. For me I loved it. I thought the writing was, eh, but the acting was phenomenal. Memorable, and strikingly touching.
Poetic justice, and poetically sad.

*Note* if you hate reading subtitles, or an conservative individual; this is not the film for you.*
4 1/2
I'll leave you with love
Amour Toujors 
Nailah D'arcy 

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