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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eh, Haters. Right?

I'm what you call a modernized tramp?
Well, not the sort of tramp you, and I seem to know.  One the meaning to popularized tune by Lorenz Hart ( if you're not familiar to songs meaning please read
I'm one with a tone stuck in her head, and Plato in her hand. One that never gossips, and one that never cares who she, and he is with, one never spread shame, or dare cast blame, on the stupid, the dumb, and the dull-witted. << I love it when I rhyme

 Many things don't escape my notice!

Its this trend, that's a vermin a disguise.., You've heard the contagious noun,that surfaces everywhere. "Hater", or better yet "#Hater#; now as a substitute, the  disingenuous continuum "negative energy".
Zeus, do people giving people these titles, nowadays.

It's become prominent for our society to feed off of haters, that feast off the idea of superiority, and inferiority complex. On the other hand, the villain sometimes being blamed for miscommunication. Or, in some case, the noun comes alive.
I want to take a step back, and truly unravel the fraudulent layers of the "Hater". Once I simplify the true identity of it,  you might start question the underlining simpatico.
Just, ah, a misunderstood public quandary, I'd say.

Honestly, and when you hear why people dislike certain individuals; You have to sit back for a moment, take in the information, try to digest it, if you can. And then, boom, you'll realise, it's the dumbest thing you've ever heard in your life-- --I'll let you be the judge of that:
The perpetrator speaks 
"She/He thinks she's better than me" ( what you're going to hate everyone who thinks that. Well you'll be hating everyone you know)
I don't like how she looks at me ( women are good with this one)
"I don't like how she/he speaks to me "
"They're weird, I don't like them" 
"Your ideas conflict mines, I don't like you" 
"Your skin color is different from mines, I don't like you,"
"You're dumber than me, I don't like you",(instead of helping you, I'll berate you)
"Your in a different social class, I don't like you"

Now let's hear the Victim. Hey, there's always two sides
You're going to love this one "I have designer clothes , so she/he must be hating on me"
"My weave is the bomb. She Just hatin" ( Do they still say the bomb? lol, I hope not)
"I fu*** hotter women/men than you"( thank you Kanye, and almost every musician for that one)
She hatin, because I'm prettier ( oh, this one is a classic)
That's the best I can come up. If you know more, please inform me.
And we teach children to be civilised. Wow, the  contradictory is not escaping me here.

We've gotten ourselves to the point, of a simple disagreement, defines you as a hater. Albeit, the one being hated on, bask in the glory of being admired. Sorry to say this, but WTF?
My Experience
I don't hate people for these superficial issues. In fact, I really don't even care, what most things people take seriously.
 Knowing me, I'll just laugh. Think nothing of it.
So when I hear people complain about these flaws of others, I'm baffled. I mean as human begins we want to all be accepted, yet automatically, ostracize people for a behavior that we don't understand, however, on the flip side you'll want to be accepted for your originality.
Truly a double standard

Don't worry I been in these situations. I was that girl whom had haters,  and a few times got caught what you'll call hating. 
But then I grew out of it. It served no purpose. 
Nowadays, If I dislike someone my reasons makes sense. If not, I will disregard my feelings. 
However, if someone dislikes me, there is nothing I can do it about. I'll never whine, and seek pity for it. Most chances likely, those reasons I named, are their excuses.
And, for that reason, I don't care. Judge me on my person, not a shallow conclusion. 
Words Of Wisdom
Moribidly, this has become an epidemic.
See the problem is we are fighting each other over petty things. This is why, whomever is on top, can stay there, because the peasants will fight each other over the crumbs. 
Their need to feed their lost ego. Yet, they're ego is getting in the way of tremendous growth. That's why nouns such as "Hater" grows. 

And it's not one sided, its both parties.

I don't hate people. I might not like their ideas, or selfishness, but I don't hate them. Whenever, hate becomes part of the pictures, it's when individuals do atrocious things to others. However, I realise, they're just a product of their environment.
Rambling, sorry

To sum it up, never do I go below the belt, or I will ruin their chances, not then, or now. Unlike most individuals, I can say very nice things about people I detest the most.

Sometimes there's a hint of respect, in my dislike.
So next time you're being hated on, or if you're being the hater. Ask your is it really worth all of this? >>>>>>
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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