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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Body Music

While I was a little hesitant to purchase this album, knowing undoubtedly, each track will be very similarly. In the past, those whom possess child-like vocal range never seem to last; mostly known as a one-hit wonders. With this stigma, It'll be very hard for AlunaGeoge to attain longevity. Although, I have stated on various occasion I adore such voices. It's just too cute, to the point that you never take the artist serious.

Having said that, we've seen singers such as her come and go, yet admittedly, Aluna proves to be creative songstress. A tigress of some sort. She knows how create a contagious hook, proved in "You Know Like It Like That" their first single that gained them notoriety; following "Your Drums, Your Love", and quirky lovers BS " "Attracting Flies", and a fun party song  "Bad Idea", an lightly erogenous touch in  "Body Music", & "Outlines", "Driver" and "Friend To Lovers"

The first half of the album is promising, while the second half is a struggle. Every song sounds oddly  similar and sometimes even juvenile.
"Best Believing ", and my ultimate favorite "Kaleidoscope Love"are cleverly interesting. A testament on their signature style that's outdated, but more polished. 

Whereas, some moments bring you back to booing at Amateur Night At the Apollo, and losses its creative drive and verges on vapid immaturity
In songs such as: the remake "This Is How We Do It", "We Are Chosen"(AlunaGeorge first single), "B Ur Boo","Indestructible","Put Your Hands Up" "Lost & Found" ( although,an inspiring mix in the chorus, i'll admit) and "Friend's To lovers" and "Superstar" a subtly praise to her partner in crime George Reid ( Only speculation )
However, this is when it becomes a drag. 

AlunaGeorge debut album"Body Music" is inspiring, yet uninspiring. It feels like every 90's group, with a mixture 80's, and a pinch of R&B. 

Nevertheless, I love how Francis voice verges on the embodiment of a lolita.The voice of innocence, but soft caresses of a temptress.

But twenty-four minutes of Body Music debut  is an invigorating mix on playful, equilibrium, sardonic, and seduction. Even the annoying sets have my attention, believing that maybe if I listen to it a few more times, I might, just might see their vision.

Whilst they're some easy hits on this album, unforgettable pieces. If I could give any advice to AlunaGeorge, I would tell them to try a range of varieties of sound. Electronic  is great, but it may be the death of their duo. By all means don't stop, but, looks elsewhere for inspiration. 

However I will note, Aluna Francis she should strictly stick to writing. Her skills are impressive.
In spite off the mundane moments, "Body Music" is an album of love, not just love songs, etching cry of individualist rebellion, titillating tracks, but a collaboration that has sugar in their corner.

Rating 3 1/2
Truly fun album, for anyone who like this genre of music. 
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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