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Friday, March 7, 2014


Photo Of  Fu'ad Aït Aattou 
I lay,
He gaze.
Her epitome is on display
His sensuous length, on a poised exhibit.
He stands intimidated and timid.

She laid waiting,
A coquette portrait.
The first draft
Without finishing touches;
She embody layers of ink, and synthetic dyes
Her rough edges, appears in her plaintive eyes.

While he's dapper in oil 
Already desensitized
Modernized in appeal, for the general populist
But still
They synchronous, in a scattered etch of what's real.

His face laced with beauty
And, hers extremely bizarre-
Her touch lingers with shivers, crowns and covers his artistry, and,  his heart.
His breathing layers heavily
Transparently, and quietly
But with the means, of art.
While, her cries, stiffs on her face, as an Alla Prima-
Their mouth opens wide, into a deaf-less- OH!
They create still-less tempera.
Strangely, and oddly
She knows
Pygmalion could'n't have made him better.
He's decorated as a centerpiece.
One creative in the eyes, 
Splendor into divine.
A beauty that can be only created with hands.

She dreams 
Soaking in the moment
Drunken, speaking belligerently
He holds her close
Seeing her shedding away, deliberately.

In and out of unconsciousness.

Inhibited inane, yet still so alluring-
His limited words were slurred, while, admiring the gage
Eyes vaguely maneuvering holding its intense gaze
Savoring the reverie
He adoringly held her near 
She's enthralled, by his simplistic debonair
She closed her eyes, and breathed in his scent.
Their fingers stretch so far in a chiaroscuro display, 
Before she's was once erased- away-
Blended into the darkness
They stood craquelure
They stood, and erased away
They stood cracked severely
Broken down, separated harshly
Distantly from each other
Sullen eyes from their lover
Stretched in and out of sleep. 

She sleeps
He only invade her dreams-
Her eyes open wide
There stood her lover of her dreams-
As marble
As rock
As crystals
As a beautiful coliseum.
She's succumb to daydreams 
He is the one, she wants
The one she needs,
Her one and only 
Her Galatea
By Nailah D'arcy 

Amour Toujous 
Nailah D'arcy 

If you're curious, I written this over "Waltz for piano No.  9 in A flat major ('Farewell' / L'adieu') Op. 69/1 (posth.), B. 95" By Frédéric Chopin

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