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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Memoirs Of A Geisha: Book Review, Again?

While my first attempt, to write a suitable book review on the Memoirs of Geisha ending up being a complete mess. I'm going to try to write one that doesn't subsequently, give away the storyline, yet an emotive review.
.. So here I go..

Memoirs of a Geisha, is an interesting tale. One with a fascination, of the questionable identity of the Geisha. While, Arthur Golden, couldn't fully answer the question, with the facts that were laid out to him. To be quite frank, I'm also at a road block.
Is the Geisha a courtesan, or an artist?
Which is a matter of opinion.
Unequivocally, the story duplicates Cinderella, intermingle with Pretty Women, yet eloquently told; which quickly loses its essence of the Japanese culture.
However, you'll forgive Mr. Golden when you read the tragic tale of Chiyo-chan ( The protagonist. Our Cinderella).
You'll come to admire her tenacious spirit. She represents everything we love in a person/ honest, selfless, and innocent. Let's not forget Cinderalla was known for her beauty, Chiyo-Chan is not exempt from that picturesque visual.
Her eyes become the main event of the show, a gelatinous feature, that becomes memorable, and makes her the most sought out Geisha.

While the antagonist, is a mere picture of a future that could be her own. Hatsumomo is that everyday reminder, and nuance. Hitherto, the protagonist is also a painting to her. Chiyo-chan, reflects what she lost in herself. Their unholy war is a matter of pride, subsequently, Chiyo-chan is left without defenses; elaborately, Hatsumomo have an infantry, standing by her for the riches she promises, the Okiya.

Other obstacles stand in her way, an unrequited lover, greedy individuals, the war, but what keeps her hope, is love. Very typical, nevertheless, isn't that what keeps many of us steadfast in this life, hope. 
Albeit, its her hope that you fear for her the most, because its unrealistic. Chiyo-chan love is returned, but at what cost a few years with your lover, still as his mistress?

In the end, I sympathized with the protagonist. Not fully understanding her aspirations. I believe Arthur Golden may have felt the need to dulled the character existence. Not letting the protagonist fully grasp the facets of her life.
 Because, in the end she was just as lonely, as in the beginning. 
Her life was fruitless, tremulous, and flawed like many of our lives, yet I feel a closeness to Chiyo-chan. I felt she was simply taken advantage of, simply by everyone that claimed friendship, and professed love. 
Nostalgic, in the last few pages.. showed her innocence kept within, but shedding on the outside.
All she strived for was easily taken away, and hard to gain.

Arthur has a simple way with words. Evocatively describes the beauty of everything, Geisha. The visual beauty intrinsic with a serenade ballad; one of a sequestered loner, and tragic love story. Which was not depicted in the film. 

Sorry I had to write it over. It was killing me. There are many more, but I settle for this one.  
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

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