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Friday, January 31, 2014

You Can Judge A Society, By How They Teach Their Children?

Photo By Tampa Bay Times 
Today, I came across something that reminded me of the past, an epidemic that can be salvaged.
I watched a video, of a classroom in shambles, last night, with a terrible abhorrence. And let me tell you, as a former pupil of the public schools system, I was not at all surprised, by what I saw.

However, I'm not going to point fingers, or say what others consider to be a good way to deal with the failing school system, because everyone pays tribute to this problem.
Their screams were heard, "The children need to be punished", "More security", blah, blah. 
Parents are scared for their childrens safety and want to rid of hooligans, that disrupts their children's education.

I was once in that position, frustrated by the lack of care from teachers, students and faculty. When you set foot into the school, you're not scared of the dangers, you're scared of the lack of care in the environment, not only by the students, but by the people that are there to teach us, and to enrich us.
The school system shows you how heartless the world can be. It starts in our adolescence.. and its fear, and unfairness that makes the students angry.

Let me tell you, how fucked up the foundation of public schools are. In a single classroom there are forty students (maybe more) to one teacher.
Now, if you don't keep up, learn fast enough, automatically you're categorized as a nuisance, blacklisted, then ignored. The same goes for the class clown, or the problem child.

Mind you, one teacher can't teach every child at same speed, that'll be theoretically impossible. But they don't want to hear that, so what do they end up doing, they give that child to outsourced classes ( sounds very similar to jobs going overseas.)  That serves no purpose, whatsoever.  You do absolutely nothing in these classes, but a worthless worksheet.
While those with a photographic memory, receives the best education.

On another island, the school master (principle) is just worried he/she get keep their job. So she/he wants those test scores up, and the school grade up. So that F you got, turned into a D.

Somewhere behind another closed door, the faculty sits around gossip about the children, mocks the ones they don't like, flirts with classmates, and play favoritism. They're just tremendously happy, their student loans are now paid off. 
 And if you tell, who will believe you? listen to you?
 That blacklist comes back to haunt you, that list doesn't only contain bad grades, it also holds minor slights.

 These blacklisted kids have a difficult home life. I should know these were my friends. What they do, they take that hostility to school, to the streets, they take it everywhere. So they fight each other, and sometimes teachers, about things that aren't important, yet becomes their lives, they nothing more to care for

Because they don't have hope, because you haven't given it to them.
They're mad, and dammit they have a right to be.  When they go to school, and they show you, that you're nothing, a disposable, a cage animal, you go ahead and try your hardest to fit that role, at least you can do something well.
Everyone's watching you, but they're not listening to you.

While this may not be their story. But I'm sure, someone there can resonate to what I am saying.

Nonetheless, what I  hearing from administration/newscasters are the wrong answers. How can you criticize their actions, when you never been in their situation, never experienced their life.

I hear adults calling the participants names, such as Animals, Malcontents? 
How are they, any better than the kids that are fighting one another. 
The problem is that this has been going on for a long time, now that we have a cameras everywhere, its just now become known. And everyone is so "anti-bullying", "school security,", etc, when you should Pro-fairness, Pro-Helpful, Pro-understand, Pro-hey your a human, I should treat you like one, and stop dealing with the fallacies, instead deal with the core of issues.

Lions For Lambs
"Teachers are salesmen. I sell you, to you"

Sorry I'm way off my niche here, but I couldn't sleep at night, when I know I have a voice. I'm so tired of people talking about "I", "Me" "How I feel" about their  petty, nonsensical , and superficial problems. 
There is more to this world then,  Insecurties, Haters, Racism, Physical Appearance, etc.. Our hate and dislike for  another, is just pure and simple, shallowness.
I came to a realization, we don't have to like each other, but we have too respect one another, and give everyone the same opportunities.

I'm utterly disgusted, by everyone in the school system....

Because in the end, we all take part, in someone demise....When you show that you don't care, then my friends you don't have a soul.

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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