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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Moonlight Classics

The essences of music have come to an odd circumvent. With many individuals forgetting the true foundation of music; and yes it does circulate with crowns, and jewels, which is a primal need to have trophies of accomplishment, to bear the name with a star next to it, nowadays.

Have you ever wonder what the greatest composer strived for. Knowing that poverty was their destiny that awaits them. I'm pretty sure making history, and imaginary folklore added a little zing to their now classics, however, music to them was visionary conquest, a need, not out of want for possessions, but an invincible necessity. 
Honestly what would they think of the prominent music industry now, would they be disgusted by the inflated market, with similarities to the market crash. The memes have take something so precious, and cheapened it, like a common whore.

The crime we surge now is between infamy, to popularity. Losing its facets of what really music is all about.. 

As I am a fan of these catchy songs, I seem to always to be a little bewildered  how things have drastically changed, I'm not quite sure for the better or for the worst. When you get through the myriad, you'll find the tranquility of some of the best musicians to every set their foot onto earth, and the labyrinths that leads you to the classics, and jazz. ( The true god, and goddess of music)

"Moonlight Classic" was simply a birthday gift, that now have become one of my most cherished albums. The quality of this album is out of this world, with many piano,and orchestrated concerto's, also nocturne's.
You'd be surprised how hard it to get a classical album that portrays composition in the best limelight, very hard.

A powerful opening with Theme from the apartment that ends with a light touch,Rhapsody on Theme Of Paganini slow tempo, Dream Olwen passionate gusto, Romance titillating longing, Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor (Rachmaninoff) unstable, eccentric ability to make it through a journey, Berceuse From Dolly jovial lightness, Spellbound Concerto magical adagio, The Chestnut Tree lieder of happiness of love, ending it off with a priceless classic Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin a mixtures of Jazz, and classical, making the leap towards modern music with vibrant, and a powerful tempo. 
The only fault I could find in this album was Warsaw Concerto, horrible arrangement.

I always come back to classics, because there is nothing sinister here, its just love. Its has a pureness to it, that's untouchable.
Perfect album. Sweet, soothing  melodies, and great short description for each composer, and their sets.   
My Ratings-5/5
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'atcy 

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