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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Psycho's In Horrific Love: Love Only Made For T.V & History Books

As revolting as the title sound, it's invigorating to watch. We all adore a little novelty, that's why we need the polarity between naughty and nice. We need to escape into others minds, even if they're insane. ( Funny how we are entertained by them, but find them disgusting in real life)

As the Halloween holiday ( Is it even a holiday? maybe a pagan holiday) comes around everyone heads for or their collection of dvd's, night life, candy indulgers. 
Whatever entice you around this time.

Albeit, I've taking a liking to horror tales (of course of love). It fecundly interest me. As you all know, I grandiloquently stay on my main topic of matters of the heart. Having said that I try my hardest to stay away from topics in this peculiar area. I'm merely a simpleton, I observe. But I 've been pondering, and a question that pops in my head
I know this sound pretty far fetch.
Is it possible psychopaths love is more profound, rather than the common people?
I mean when their enrapture they go all in. It's plausible its only a derivative of loneliness, the alienness, and fascination that led these individuals to love arduously. 
What we find creepy, they may think of it as love. Esoterically the definition of love is blow up in the air, everyone has their own definition.
This the psychopath definition of love.
A Serial Killer Whom Loves The Taste Of Derange Women?
The manifesto of a serial killer that somehow wants us to feel pity for him?
Throughout the series Dexter has a lot admires, even to go so far to say his sister ( adopted, but still eh), his boss etc.

Albeit, as a serial killer, he makes horrible choices in women, and kills. Women for a rump in the bump, and nothing more (which I don't get. A serial killer is always on top of his game)
Rita was a perfect match, yet Dexter found a way to F-that-up and stumble upon three women that's subliminal for primal urges, not to stop his hustle-

But Bad Dexter, Bad Dexter.

Fans of Dexter know exactly the three I'm talking about. 
Hannah McKay, Lila West, Lumen Pierce and sometimes Debra Morgan. His lovers become his protégée serial killers, in training. Dexter sucks them into his dark passenger; finds a fault and says 
"Oops, Sorry I must kill you now". 

Did this man figure out by season two, a love life is not the external for a serial killer?
Although, I'll admit he got good taste in women. 
He attracts loyalty, but can never keep it for long.
SingleWhite Female
Psycho Friendship
 Nothing is more normal than a woman who pays half rent, utilities, garbage, and cable.
Who gives an F, what she do with her time right?
I don't!
Just imagine you woke up one day, and noticed you've been living with a BabyJane personification? and this woman has been roaming around you home for some time now. Prodigiously trying to inmate you, wearing your clothes, implicating to your lover that she is you. The creepy I admire you, I want to be like you, 
 I need to be your friendship, desperately.
Oh yeah, it's time for you to go. You've overstayed your welcome.
Single White Female is simply one woman need to find her identity in another.The crazy thing is that this happens more often, yet subtly
American Horror Story:
Like Romeo & Juliet
Violet and Tate

Ah, gosh I fell in love with Tate. Call me nuts, but his love is what I always wanted. Loyal, and willing to do whatever to be with his Juliette.

America Horror Story: season one presents an  anthology series. A haunted house with a variety of interesting tales. 
Ghost idly running the household, raping, and killing because merely they're bored. Every death has an intriguing story, Yet, what kept the story fascinating was the love growing between Tate & Violet. One lacks sagacity, and the other is enraptured with the need of  acceptance. 
The battle between dark, and the good, the human, and the demon.
All opposites, and compatibility bringing these two together and is what tore them apart.
A psychopath with love for no one, except his Violet. 
The Borgias
Incestual Selfish Love 
Inceutous relations throughout history are prevalent. So prevalent that I wasn't even shocked these two shacked up. 

However, knowing the prime directive was to make a mockery of  The Borgia family, and the disbelief a Spaniard have taken the seat of the papacy. Exaggeration of the familial crime, and adultery conformed by Giuliano Della Rovere, and the Sforza family, Girolamo Savonarola and decisively more. 
Although, I do believe in their slanderous behavior, but that's not to say other Cardinals and past Popes enjoyed the mask of piety, yet subsequently underling of vanity ( eh, I use this word far too much, I need a thesaurus).

The Borgias displays the love of brother sister admiring each other up close, never hiding desire for one another. 
The love story of Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia, stems to two crazy individuals, that have everything; yet it just isn't enough. They're willing to kill and destroy everyone in their path, that gets in their way of happiness.

What was petrifying about these two was not the murders, the debauchery, impiety, selfishness. 
I expected that. 
What was scary was the lack of remorse.They were surroundedd by cruifixes, holy water, however,The Borgia children cried for themselves, and their father's disapproval. 
I mean they killed their brother, no tears-poison others, no tears-destroy reputations, no tears. A Psychopath trait 
Lack of morality, is a little creepy for anyone in the church.. 
"No one can love a Borgia, except a Borgia"
Read More about the their love
Proserpina & Pluto
A Tale For the History Books
I wouldn't be a loyal pagan, without naming a god who claims the dead.
 Hades is a mystified god. No one wants to be near him, and he never appeared to the gods, or mortals; only when duty required it to be so.
Cheated out the sensuous life as the other gods, only a steadfast life of endless death.
Hades luck in love is a tragic tale. 

A day of gathering flowers led to Proserpina apprehended by Hades. After her mother (Demeter) learns of her seize.  Melochony kicked in, and Demeter withhold food from the people, led for Zeus to chide into the matter; sending Hermes to ask Hades to release Prosperpina, and he obliged, yet not without vicious plan. 

He beguiling asked Prospenia before she leaves to taste a pomegranate seed. She agrees ( when you eat anything from hades, you are bound to hades). Demeter learns of this. Hades, and Demeter eventually come to a compromise, on sharing Prosperina.
The story is elucidated in different ways, however, the foundation of the story stems to this. 
The only way for Hades to receive love, was to steal love. 

A little eerie, even for the god of the dead. 
I mean there are tons of women in hell. I'm pretty sure Hades being the big man in town, gave him an abundance of women to choose from? so why this one?

The Orphan 
I Got Daddies Problems
*A note to the parents* 
Please listen to your children when they tell you something just not right with someone; because they're patently right.

I was one of those kids. If I thought you were a bad person, you're not allowed to touch me, be around me, babysit me, touch my food ( something I never grew out of, til this day).
However, when you got some creepy Russian girl in your home, with a black cloud hounding her, and you can't seem to get not a lick information on her, and she's only nice to the daddy. 
Send her back to Russia..
The Orphan film shows that some deserve pity, the rest, leave them where you found them, or something disastrous like this will happen. A psychopath that needs to be loved, and willing to kill a family for it? 
Now, she really nuts. 
Words Of L'amour
Ah, love can be scary, I mean that literally. However, this time I want you guys to tell me what you think? and what's your favorite films, book, historical moment of Psychopaths in love?

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

However, I disagree with Claudia Moscovici on some subjects; After briefly looking over her blog, yet it is very interesting.  Do-psychopaths fall in love? Check it out!

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