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Thursday, September 12, 2013

History of L'amour: Miles Davis The Challenger Of Love & Musique

Miles Davis has invaded my life, somehow like many others. In the strangest way, an inspiring way, a confusing way. 
His ingenuity touched, and frighten many of those around him. The mystique carried around in one man, and never dared to be around others who are "comfortable". Always searching for what's on the other side, regardless of the price.

His nostalgic touch to music lives on. Nevertheless, details of his love life are muddled, and puzzling.

This man is not a man that stay tune to one monotone; he is original, seminal, and untouchable in the acts of art of all forms, even in the act of love. 

His probing stare illuminating, sophisticated style, and soft looks. Miles Davis wears a look that compels you, No! dares you to uncover the details of his life....
 Romantique Innocence is taking that dare with History of L'amour. As we divulge into the challenger in love, music, and a conflicted persona. 
The love life of the genius, Miles Davis.
His Child
Miles Davis lived a conventional childhood. He grew up in an influential family; With his father as an oral surgeon.
The king of cool jazz was created on his thirteenth birth, when his father gave him the gift that'll be bounded to him forever, the trumpet.

The mystique aura of Miles Davies is evident. He wears it even well as a child. Known by others shy, timid, egotistical, witty, and quite jealous.
Miles even then was known for his diva Esque-behavior; wanting to be pleased by his former lover at that time Irene. 

Miles dated Irene Cawthon while pursing his academic and music education. The two had three children together. What tore these two apart was not the many women he engaged sexual intercourse with, it was his addiction..
His opposition......
His Lovers/Opposition/Racism
After dropping out of Juilliard School of Music, and the relaxing adventurous tour of Paris Jazz Festival.
The racism of America faded once landed in Paris. This is where Miles met Juliette Gréco (one my favorite singers all-time). Their love affair is a page turner.
The pictures will prove the admiration in their eyes, and a sensitivity that was sync.

Greco professes that their love as a "Miracle Love", because the language barrel was a constant restraint, but their spark was impossible to ignore.
On the other hand, Juliette Gréco taught Miles how to love someone other than music.

While race wasn't something  Juliette Gréco cared much about, its one of the reason why Miles never proposed to her, claiming "Because I love her too much to make her unhappy." due to the racism in that clouded him throughout his life.

Yet, the biggest opposition for our memorable trumpeter was drugs. For four years Miles came to a road block of expenditure on heroine. Gréco, was one of the many reasons why Miles turned to drugs.
Miles &  Juliette Gréco 
His drug addiction became destructive. Taken on the new name of a junkie, and a hustler. While other obstacles were even more prevalent, such as most the jobs were going to white musicians, and the new take of cool jazz being overlooked.
Even while he was intoxicated, his easily trumpet skills did not feather, but it did create difficulties.

Unfortunately, Miles could not kick the habit, as he would have problems with drugs throughout his life with: cocaine, pills, heroine, and alcohol.
Miles & Jeanne Moreau

Eventually, Miles got his act together and between 1951-1954 produced some of his greatest works with Prestige Records. Until his biggest commercial move to Columbia Records which is where "Kind Of Blue", and many more classic were created.

Miles found his way back to France, and with two new lovers on his belt. While improvising for the film Ascenseur pour l'échafaud; He carried out short term affairs with the pianist René Urtreger sister, and actress Jeanne Moreau. However, marriage was a new prerogative the legator took on.
His Wives 
"You know, I think you fall in love with the first women you can feel, you know."-Miles Davis 

Miles met Frances Taylor back when his drug habit became dire. He rekindles that spark in 1957, while Frances starred as a dancer "West Side Story". Eventually, they tied the knot. Taylor was the first woman to be honored to be named Mrs. Davis.
Their marriage seemed turbulent. 
Miles was traditional and did not want Frances dancing anymore, and she complied easily; although, I sense regret in her voice. It tortures her throat when she speaks of it in interviews.
Miles & Betty Mabry

As I watch her careful in interviews discussing her life with Miles Davis; her temperament duplicates the ingenue Maria Nuñez, a gentle woman. 
This is the exactly the type of woman Miles would be attracted to.

To prove this fact Frances left him, while miles left Mabry. Which makes me think Mabry was the only one in love in that relationship. He liked her style, but did not love her. As he shies away from women with strong attributes.

His marriage to Mabry lasted only for a year. Their break-up was due to his suspicion that Mabry had an affair with Jimi Hendrix. Which would be hypocritical on his part, as he was never faithful. Nevertheless, this marriage proved to beneficial to both, in the creative sector.
Cicely Tyson & Mile
Infidelities/ & A Love Affair Turn Into Marriage
 "I know a couple of women who are very smart, and I try to stay out of their way-even if I do love them" Miles Davis

His favorite on, and off lover Jackie Battle, and Marguerite Eskridge. Miles quoted that Margerite brought peace in his life; yet she relinquished the relationship due to lack of respect, and tiresome of Miles adulterated conduct.  She eventually left him. 
On the other hand, Miles quoted that Battle was close to him as Frances was. 
But, the only one to snatch him up was Cicely Tyson.

When Frances left Miles. Miles started a short term affair with Cicely Tyson. These two would eventually got married after several years of separation. 
Nevertheless, a few days before their marriage Miles admit to cheating. Claiming that Cicely could not give him the sex thing, he wanted. 
Mind you around this time she has become famous from her acting career. However, he respected her, and seen her nothing more than a friend. She helped him get his life back together.

Miles was known for extramarital affairs, it wasn't a secret, and drugs being prominent in his life, and music was his soul. These things were inevitable. The women in his life knew that.
 Musicans, Miles & Demons 
Played a huge part in his career, and love life. Lydia DeJohnette ( Jack DeJohnette wife) quoted "The musicians were his first wife, and their wives and girlfriends were secondary" The way its described countless times, were as if he was competing with his musicians wives. 

His intensity intensified with other musician. He was known for his Jekyll and Hyde behavior.
 However, I sensed he loved his co-workers on a deeper level ( not sexually) an admiration, an respect. 

Yet, he was also known to be emotional, and physical abusive towards women he was involved with. 
His sadistic behavior is puzzling, and everyone around him tolerated this behavior.
Words of L'amour
"Someone quoted that Miles Davis is a romantic, and this, and that. My mother told my first wife ' Miles is mean, but he is good to his women' " -Miles Davis 
Miles lived his life on the edge. The challenges that needed to be taken to make Cool Jazz into the essential prominently respected part of music. But music may have been the only thing he knew.

His lover is defined as music.

 Even the women in this life transformed his ideal of music in particular periods in his life. I believe they hold the sentiments of all the things he wanted in a woman. The quirkiness of  Gréco, femininity of Taylor, toughness of Tyson, wildness of Mabry, spirituality of Eskridge, etc.

"The Prince Of Darkness" they call him. Which is what many his marriages/lovers involved 'darkness'.
His lovers seemed exhausted by his behavior and enlighten by the power he held over them, yet sometimes terrified.

He seemed tough, a free-spirit. No one could stop him from doing anything, not even his children. Yet, in a quiet way he loves deeply, but may not have known how to show his true emotions. 

You can't define his relationship, his types, his ideals in one simple article. This man is truly complex. In the interviews/book you feel he's only giving you have half of the story, when it comes to the women in his life. And, wants to test you to see if you fill in the blanks. 

Although, I don't agree with his behavior, but unlike most people I respect his honesty. Miles never hide his feelings on any topic.
His past indiscretions may held a demonic hold over him, taunted him into one the greatest musicians all time, and empty to the art of love...
 Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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