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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Frank Deluxe

Countless fans, and critics have had a lot to say about Amy Winehouse. Even after her death. Her aptitude of talent still surface all over the internet, word of mouth, etc. She's truly the only musical talent that I respect in this generation
Amy Winehouse capitalized on retro, yet unequivocally original.
To me she is a legend.
I first heard about her back in 2008. Never listened to her music, or seen pictures of her because,
her name was only associated with drugs. I figured she's was just one of those fame hungry girls.
I judged her on the basis on her reputation, and for that I am wrong.
I could've of come upon her effervescent talent years ago. 
I've been unable to tear myself away from her albums, since last year. I can't stop. She doesn't satisfy my itch, she is now my full blown addiction-Halftime!

And, I feel if I've would have met her, I would have liked her. She seems so down to earth, jazzy, fun, caring, and genuine ( which is hard to come by). 
So learn from me, don't a judge a book by it's character, or its problems.

"Frank" was the last album came tune to, although it's her junior album, it involves keen insight into a love affair gone array. 
However, Winehouse most acclaimed, work will always be "Black To Black". 
However,"Frank" also plays a significant growth in her artistry. 
Withal, love seems to enrapture her, in a way she doesn't even understand, she states in "What it is about Men". 

"Frank" goes into depth of a relationship, infidelity, break-up, that honestly sounds like an unrequited relationship; Its as she puts herself in an emotional dangerous partnerships, to feel something profound.
 She's searching for depth of some kind, that many aren't capable of giving her.  
In spite of that challenge, her self worth is questioned and destroys her ideal of love, and maybe herself.
"Frank" is girl becoming a women, an artist, a Thalia.

"Frank" was named after Frank Sinatra, an early musical influence in her artistry. Her style is a morph between jazz, and R&B accompanied by keen observation with a sultry lyrics, and a hint of comedy. 
Is utterly brilliant.
"Frank" is an introduction to a lonely woman looking to be loved and finding it in all the wrong places. You'll feel her loneliness, her cries, and the pain from deception. I fell in love with her intensity, finesse lyrics, and Amy's love for the classics.  Her melodies off-beat voice leaves me in tears. Her songs gratify a tone of pure sadness and lost.

Each track on this album is full memorable songs/ballads/live performance/mixes; Yet "Take The Box" "Moody's Mood For Love/Remake" "Know You Now" "Cherry" "Fuck Me Pumps" " In My Bed " 'Round Midnight" "Teach Me Tonight/Remake"  "Someone To Watch Over Me/Remake" and my favorite "Fools Gold".  With scat singing mixtures between outros, and intro's.
The album was named after Frank Sinatra, an early musical influence in her artistry. 

We really lost a jewel. Amy Winehouse's originality is something very hard to come by.

Amy Winehouse albums sings to my heart from "Frank", to "Back To Black", to "Lioness: Hidden Treasures"; her albums are the paradigm of love of music, and ballads of the gloom of amour.

Amy Winehouse adroit lyrics, style, ingenuity lives on. 
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 


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