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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Allowed In The Garden Of Eden: Superiority & Inferiority Complexity In Relationship

As a society we have prolific intensity towards the complexity between the polarity of the Superiority/Inferiority Complex. 

I've been doing intensive research, and I come by the man that coined this defense mechanism, Alfred Adler.
Nevertheless, it started off as mere curiosity that evolved into serious pondering.
However, I google this defect, the references gears towards eight, nine, ten steps to overcome this dreadful complexity.
Ah, really? Once again people?
When I look more into the superiority/ inferiority complexity, they pretty much go hand, and hand. This identity devours lack of self-esteem. 

I always go into the aspect of relationships, because unlike the articles I've read. I believe this is where we uncover ourselves more, behind closed doors. Not in the gestures, facial expression, and body language we give the world.
So whatever makeup you're wearing Maybelline? Cover Girl? M.A.C? L'oreal?  
It's time too take off that make-up and expose Superiority/Inferiority complex that we all hold onto, that invades our world, our world of love, and the world our hearts.
Rectify Superiority/Inferiority Complexity 
"An attitude of superiority that conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure."-Superiority Complex 

"An unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive..."-Inferiority Complex 

Reading modern articles, & blogs state that these individuals have serious issues?
Marilyn Monroe Constantly Putting
Herself In Relationship
With Confronting Superiority/Inferiority
Within Herself, and her paramour's.

That's debatable!

If that's the case society as a whole have serious issues. Our culture is the architecture to the design of Superiority/Inferiority complex. We've designed a world that based of this structure. The need to obtain wealth, beauty, status etc, for a need to be considered normal to fit in, to be liked, to be respected. If not, you're unearthly, abnormal.
Our society epitomise Schadenfreude?

"We make it normal to hate ourselves, and love their wealth" ( Yeah, I stole that line from Kanye West. Who's known for his cocky behavior. Odd huh?).

We only berate the ones who truly display this behavior, or in some cases depending on the person we don't say much at all. These individuals only show symptoms of our society, yet we condone this lifestyle, but complain when its not to our liking.

Superiority complex has various interpretations, which can mean this archetype can be stereotyped. On the other hand, inferiority can be combined, or stand alone.

I believe some individuals do it for the mere attention, its the ones who hide have this problem in depth. Which is interpreted in many ways in the world of psychology, by many modern, and past psychologists.
Star-Crossed Lovers/Marriages Ruin & Prosper Because Of Superiority/Inferiority Complex
Romeo & Juliet
Rivalry families tearing lovers apart
With a Superiority Complex
 Antiquity has revealed lovers in our history, literature, and music; that hint towards Superiority/ Inferiority that echos throughout time. Albeit, it comes through paramour lovers, and those who surround them spiting hatred, or themselves tearing their love apart. This opposite factor can also bring them together, in triumph.

I've always thought lovers in this situation attract each other for the same reason, because they are the definition of rebel

It's common sense we want what we can't have, however tryst's such as this ends as fast as it begins. 
The spell bounded "Superiority" lovers know it cannot grow for the purposes that's unavoidable. Likewise, the inferiority can tear lovers apart for the lack of confidence, and lack of benefits. 

"District 9"
Showcased love
That can be teared apart by racism
Most marriage end, or never begin when a spouse finances are awry( "Bel AmiGeorges Duroy & Clotilde de Marelle ), change in appearance & race ("District 9" Wikus van de Merwe & Tania Smit van de Merwe), an inferior truth being reveled ( "Mad Men"Betty & Don Draper), status & inept ("The Notebook" Noah Calhoun & Allie Hamilton) the superiority rivalry of families (Romeo & Juliet ) social class, race, & wealth ( "The Lover"Marguerite Duras and the & Chinese lover )

This complexity is often displayed in many classical artistry. It has become cogent in our society, shows its strong hold over us, and how it defines our decisions. Superiority/Inferiority will never seem to escape us, not even in love. 
"The Masterpiece Race
Star Trek Season 5"
An superior race that 

don't believe mixing and matching
with inferior races

The Deterioration Superiority/ Inferiority Complex Of  Love In The Modern World 
Its much easier to be who we want to be, and who we want to be with. But, an upbringing can always bring you back to self loathing, and self grandiose.

A way to escapes difficulties and mask the true issues at hand. Although, I read many articles/blog post that states ways to overcome this turmoil.

I believe, this is imbedded is most individuals that they'll never overcome this trail. We have to many celebrities celebrating and congratulating superiority, and parental installing this ideal in their children. There is no need for an arranged marriage to make sure lineage is heading in the right track, just make the public see the benefits, right?
As Human Beings We All Strive For Superiority Its
natural. A human instinct that is installed at a very young age. To be the best at everything. No matter the cost. Where's Thomas Paine when you need him? 
This manifesto is basic common sense.
Believe it or not I love psychology; yet sometimes I believe its bologna. Society put forwards many issues, and make a profit off it, yet claims its a mental illness, however we created it. 

 Love has it ups and downs; This "Psychological defect" most call it; is more effective in relationship. It's a powerful force. Even I dealt with this in all my relationships. The differences can tear, and break down your bubble of love and leave you bewildered as to why you landed in their arms in the first place. The subtlety of this complexity bombard the world of love, separating us from what we really want and need.

.........Dr. Mary ...Dr. Nailah is out.. Leave your thoughts. Remember I'm listening!

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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