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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

♥Michael Scott Love Quest: Part 2♥

I'll admit, when Carell left I've completely tuned out The Office. I need to hear his coined Idioms, euphemism, and tantrums of the Scott project. 
The workplace is a fun place when his around , so when he left it was, ah.
However, the past of Michael Scott cannot escape us; He's made a presence on youtube, dvd's, and graced us at one point of time on TBS< Check for local time
Although Michaels Scott's behavior speaks volumes; his sensitivity, and loneliness never seems to escape you. Here is a man who truly just wants to be loved, and liked. You can't help but to feel sorry for him, and eventually you'll adore him for the same reason why people ignore him. Each season uncovered the layers of Michael we uncover......... 
 The Michael Scott Love Quest
"I want The House, Picket Fence, and I want Ketchup Fights"
Michael's, and Jan's Levenson incompatible relationship was hilarious, and sad to watch. Jan domineering ways scared Michael, and Michael's odd behavior excited, and frighten Jan at the same time. This relationship showcased the extent of Michaels kindness.

She lost her job Michael asked her to move in. He got a second job to support her. Stood by her, and helped her pursue suing the company that employs him. Went out of his way to get his friends to invest in her candle business, and let's not forget he hosted a baby shower for her, and he's not even the baby's daddy. Albeit, went out of his way to love Jan, yet his love was never reciprocated. Digressing, he kept going back to her for all the wrong reason,
cough "Boob Job"cough
I laugh ever time I watch "Dinner Party" Hunter little song, hinting towards his illicit tryst with Jan; she blatantly plays it in front of Michael. However, I'll admit the song is pretty catchy.
A Match Made in Heaven
Holly Flax, I was happy to see these two together. Quirky, and strange. Yes , these two were meant to be. These two are not getting physical, they're getting ethical with PDA.. 
She was the reason why Michael Scott left the branch, he gave up everything to be with Holly! 

I'm not robbing the cradle, if anything I'm robbing the grave"
Pam's Mom. Michael fell into this quick relationship out of fear being alone. Eventually, Michael realizes their age difference is a deal breaker and breaks up with her on her birthday. The leads to Pam, and Michael meeting after work at the bleachers; a showdown, and Michael terrified of pregnant Pam.
A Lovers Reunion
 Michael even says goodbye to all of his former lovers in the "Sex Ed" Episode. Michaels confront all his past lovers with a faux STD. A real Lovers Reunion!
A Farwell to one of the Greatest shows Of This Generation!
The Office is official off the air, and I'm official heartbroken, truly. I really never thought it would end; Even after I stopped watching it, it's like wow, its really over, you know.
I'm a huge fan, and I'll always be. 

This show is not all about the antics, it depicts a family, and the emotional rollercoaster we go through as people.
What we need, from what we want; friendships that blossoms, and relationships that dissolves. 

The place we come to work every day become our second home, and that's especially what Michael Scott tries to display to his subordinates. Michael wants people to be afraid of how much they love him, that's what makes him the best boss in the world.

 Thank you for a wonderful nine season! 

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

Great Scott
AMichael Scott Joint!

I cannot leave without posting this, I had to get right on top of it.

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