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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

♥Michael Scott Love Quest: Part 1♥

Whenever you think of The Office the few adjectives that come to your mind are obnoxious, vulgar, and crude behavior of the faux documentary, of the everyday lives of employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. 
No one live life to the craziest, except Michael Scott. Making a day at work comical.
Prison Mike 

Yet, while they all should be working, they're all sidetrack by their involving lives, and one mans love life that's forever the main topic at Scranton Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.... I'm pretty sure you know who, I'm talking about.... 
While everyone finds, or scruffle through love affairs Michael's becoming steadfast in his quest, and somehow never gives up. When his not running over one of his co-workers, hosting a marathon for Rabies Awareness, and teaching us the facts on life e.g: Prison Mike, and he never got caught neither; he is a number one matchmaker, and devoted hopeless romantic.
Let's take the Michael Scott Love Journey.......

Let's Take Moment to Remember Some Michael's Short Term Obsession

-The Other Woman, Ryan Howard "Just as hot as Jan, but in a different way". Huh?

-Michaels imaginary relationship with Pam.

-Chair Model?  Michael fell in love with a woman in a photo, that he didn't even know. And when he found out she had passed away, he mourned her death.... Yeah?

-A concierge to Michael, is the equivalent of a geisha.

-The Valentine Blood Donor... Unkown women that Michael never got the chance to get know better..

-Oh, yeah let's not forget the two Asian women he, and Andy picked up at the restaurant. He couldn't tell them apart, so he marked the one he was dating, and still lucked out in the end.
"Bros before hos. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They have got your back after your ho rips your heart out for no good reason. And you are nothing but great to your ho, and you told her that she was the only ho for you, and that she was better than all the other hos in the world. And then... Then suddenly she's not your ho no mo'!"
Carol Stills.. What can I say, so many things went wrong in this inharmonious relationship.
There were moments I cringed, at the things Michael did, and spoke in jest, in this relationship.
Proposing after only a few dates, boldly sending Christmas cards with a superimposed over Carols ex-husbands face. 
He just didn't get it. 
She's to normal for our Michael Scott.
"Hi, I'm Date Mike, Nice to meet me. How You like your eggs in the morning?"
Date Mike
Donna Newton took light to Micheal's sensitivity, and humors persona. However this new affair turns sour.
Come to find out Michael Scott is the other man..
She's married. 
Aww, the pouty look on his face.. Aww, Michael Scott got played. 
Andy finally brings Michael to his senses, after being the same predicament with Angela. But at least, we got to meet Date Mike, nice to meet you, and sad to see you go.
Words To My Lovers Of  Thalia
Once you get past of the obscene behavior you see the vulnerability in each character, especially Michale Scott. His need for love made his a maudlin romantic, and sensitive; not just love from, but also his peers.
"Little Michael: I wanna be married and have 100 kids so I can have 100 friends. And no one can say no to being my friend."
I know everyone was rooting for Michael to find the women of his dreams. Really what's wrong with him? except his wild behavior; nothing. His actually a pretty great guy.
For the lovers of the office and newcomers stay tuned; If you don't I'll have to bring out Blind Guy McSqueezy. I wouldn't do that, or would I? I'm butchering it!
 That's what she said!
 Romantique Innocence with will continue with Michael Scott Love Quest....
Amour Toujours 
Great Scott
A Michael Scott Joint!

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