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Thursday, July 11, 2013


I still hear our fights, and daylights nights
Intimate touches, we were delighted in our height, 
Yet sighted that this was not right.

Conversing was a day job
Understanding was overnight slumber that ended in separate arms
A bumbler of sex, and no its not over yet
I need more to recover, to overcome my error, my shortcoming
Hey, I'm new in this area.
He needs to be understood, and god like wonder-
Praised and cherished by his new consort
And no taunt, just be fonder than last one that was near
I couldn't praises, I only sent thunder, and fear.

Now, you as a man with your heart in your hand, and now in your bed
She who could not be bent under your command
No colloquy, no dialogue just dreariness after the night falls
She was a mistake, and he was my second bate.

Our mundane life corrupt us, laid with us, sex with us
Awoke and we never spoke
We are fearless, only sex can overcome us
We'd argue, we'd fight instantly in the bed  when it became detrimental 
Only eyes speaking on our behalf
And we were both sad
Loneliness clouds his eyes, sorrow-ness embedded in her life
You want me, but not my better half
I need you, but I hate your beguiling ass.

Obliviously their ill matched

In a flux you think I desired you for your bucks
But I admired you for your guts
But, I don't know what's false from real
You lie, and I steal
No one cheats
But their hearts still beats
Our hearts are forever thrilled
Develops into caress depict frustrated titling chills
Soft moan, low groans, oh this so wrong
Gritting teeth, biting, and we both reach...............
A match made in heaven, but yet we are only here to lay-
I'm not sorry, that I am who I am
And that you could not wait 
But, this the fate when you take the bate.

You loved me once, but I've never existed
I disintegrated for what was best for our existence
I didn't resistance
I cried, and I whined
But, I knew you weren't mines
I was hazardous to your mind
Toxic in you life
When you looked at me the last time
You imprinted me in your mind
Letting go of this troublesome childish threat.

Overly critically, both cynical  
We are alike, and we know
We  both hold what we hate in us, we embody it, soak in it-No we lay with it, we fuck it.
We become the bucket of truth, displaying our proof that we both we're dangerous to our concise, and those who seeks truth.

Told me your dreams, your life all in one fold
Short and cunning and things you never spoke of before
Now, you don't know who I am, and what I hold
Inability to love made you go, her insecurity held on 
Afore you told her love never speaks for the broken
She inquired than who do you speak for
Your damn sure not a token- 
The phone laid shattered, 
She lays blattered-
They're perfection made them flawed
They're the definition of broken, and dogged
They live for that moment
And live perfectly in perfection, because that's what they strive for 
A life of imperfection. 
Written By Nailah D'arcy

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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