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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Their Love Brought Down A Suppressive Kingdom...........

A historical film "A Royal Affair" will bedazzle you in the mystique world of royalty, and the blatantly faults of the elite. A film based off of the erotic novel "Prinsesse af blodet", and a mixture of "The Visit of the Royal Physician".

Yet, this film mostly identify with "Prinsesse af blodet". The epistle perspective narrative by Caroline Matilda. This dreadful enthralling tale starts off with a new, and enchanting soon to be a wife looking forward to her new life as Queen consort of Denmark & Norway. Albeit, her king was less enchanting, the duplication of a 18th Century Nero.

Their marriage insinuates a mother, and son partnership. Christian even calls Caroline Mother as a joke, showing this was a marriage focused only on dowry, gentry, and political gain.

Their marriage is turbulent, and sad to watch.  
Mikkel Følsgaard as Christian VII of Denmark

They're both unhappy, and miserable with their position in life, their ominous despair rubs off on everyone at court. Knowing that they're just puppets, while Coup d'état pulls the strings.

Their marriage starts off strange. Caroline's new husband hates for the attention of the crowd to be diverted, except upon himself. She keeps nothing from her native land; she has been stripped from all she's ever known. 

Whilst, Christian memorizes all the plays and activities and looks at the world as if its a stage, and everyone are merely actors in his show.  He leaves vital work for men that's willing to take advantage of insecure king, and who don't mind stealing from a country in ruins. 

That's until a German atheist, named Doctor Johann Friedrich Struensee. Christian becomes infatuated with the doctor and needs his counsel, approval, and love. However, Christian has a new opponent for the Struensee's affection; his Queen is falling madly in love the doctor, and likewise his love grows strong for her.

Struensee is taking advantage of this extraordinary opportunity, and wants to present Democratic views to the council.
With little persuasion, and a little push from Struensee, Christian VII of Denmark finally takes a stand, and declare War On Shit, literally on Shit.

This brings on additional problems. 

 Mads Mikkelsen as Johann Friedrich Struensee
Alicia Vikander as 
Caroline Matilda 
Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel Belong to Coup d'état, and does not believe in this new form of political belief, and wants her son to overthrown Christian.

Christian wants to keep Struensee for himself and does not want to share his attention, additionally his agitation grows because he can sense he is being taken advantage of, and treated as if he is a child. 

His affair with the queen produced a child. 

The King Of Prussia comes to a dead end, when his enemies find a loophole in his reign.

As the film closes Caroline finishes the letter of narrative on her death bed to her children ; years of sadness sulks into her eyes drowning  in the years of endless tears that dried and took on a mask of despair. She expired with anguish, and lost.

Life, and what has transpired also drains Christian into a sad depression. His pride has been shattered by those who care for nothing more than absolute power, and money. He wears only a blank stare.
The once exuberant castle turns into silence.

Words Only of L'amour
I loved the gloominess, despondency of this film. Although, there were some funny moments. 
A Royal Affair depicted life. It felt so real and true to the forms of human emotions.

Mads Mikkelsen, Alicia Vikander, & Mikkel Følsgaard, Bravo to some of the best acting I've seen in a long time. These three held their own. They were all remarkable, and memorable.

They became maestro's at their trade of art of acting, with portrays of despair, and pure sadness of the life of royalty that makes you question who truly has it worst.

*Warning my darlings. Be ready to read subtitles. So for those who don't like to read while watching a film, beware!* 
Overall, A Royal Affair was quite enjoyable. 
My Ratings: 4 out 5 

While Christian declares war on shit, I declare war on love!

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy
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