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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Albums fait Avec l'amour:The Monkees Greatest Hits

I remember the first time I heard about the Monkees. 
I was ten years old, in California cashing in on my summer vacation, thanking Zeus for bypassing another summer in boring summer school. Almost every summer I'll visit my grandmother in California.

I was bored, gluttoned, and with nothing to watch ( playing with Barbie, at times became tiresome). 
So I found solace in what is called Television. 
I turned to VH1, I use to adore their Pop Up Video (truly my main channels were Vh1, The Box music channel, and Nick At Night) .
Yeah, I was a strange child.
Wow, am way off subject; but, back to what I was saying.
I was watching Vh1, and a movie about the Monkees was broadcasting. 

I said " what the heck, I have nothing to watch anyway.  
And, let me tell you I fell in love with the songs. They were so happy; compared, to the typical R&B, Techno, Grudge, and Pop that was hot in the 90's and 00's . And, when I get fixated on something I can't stop. I want to learn more, and more. 

One day we were out shopping (my grandmother who spoiled me to death) and the bright illumination shined from the CD case, with Davy Jones head cock to one side (Haha, gosh I must romanticized everything) stating "It's a little me, and its a little bit Nailah."
I swear. I bet your jealous of my imagination now. Joking. 

 I remember begging her to buy this album for me. She looked strangely at me, and inquisition "You want this, this is what you really want?" I swear, I laugh every time I think about her facial expression.
Nevertheless, I love this album this was my introduction to the 60's music, through The Monkees. 
All I every remember was that I was happy every time I listen to their music, and it still has affect on me.

From "Valleri", to "It's Nice To Be With You", to "Pleasant Valley Sunday",  and my favorites "The Girl I Knew Somewhere","Randy Scouse Git", and "Words".. and of course the Famous Theme Song" list goes on. The Monkees Greatest Hits showcase some of their greatest work. I've always had a soft spot for this group. Osctrazied yet have an extraordinary talent, I don't get it?
 I really love this album. It always made me feel accepted.
I love how I'll always end with some grandiose quote, but not today. I'll keep it succinct. This album made a small imprint of my timeline, and I adore it just for that..

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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