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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Forbidden In The Garden Of Eden & A Maudlin Pet Peeve: Mail-Order Bride?

I feel this topic is beyond repetitive, and quite embarrassing to those on a green-card search, and those actually believe these individuals truly love them.

I have a love, and hate liaison with this thing called the internet. Because he makes me mad constantly. One minute he brings us together with an array of information, nevertheless, he also uses it to spread propaganda to the world for full of simpletons.
Eh, relationships, right? 
Nowadays, love is just one click away from browsing ideal woman that fit their picture perfect idea.
 Yet, at what price?

With many sites selling this ideal, find the perfect obedient wife; with only photos, and a small bio,and video of clips describing their likes, and dislike, and, how she'll take care of you, if she was your wife. I don't know if that's love? 
I don't know whether to say these men are misogynist, or loyally looking for love in far away places.

However, finding a compatible mate overseas is a wonderful idea.
Beautiful Kelly Lebrock
Nonetheless, after hearing why some men look for women overseas, that's when it becomes a little scary. After previewing the Eastern Europe Romance Tours on dateline; the excursion reminded me of a pageant; and "Weird Science" nerds meeting their Kelly Lebrock now in the flesh. Women dancing around with sex written all over them, wearing a smile and persona that says "Don't hate Me Because I'm Beautiful'!!
 To each their own. 
Nonetheless, I know various people that went this rout, that did not end so well.
Some call it  human trafficking; I call it means of survival on both ends. Yet, I can't rebuke Mail order bride, or the men that search for them. This world we created  is purely based of primal urges, and vain pursuits. 

Mail order bride has become very popular due to numerous documentaries etc, that its to hard to ignore. So I must scribe something on this evolving new idea of love.
I'm making two romantical tours to Forbidden In The Garden Of Eden & A Maudlin Pet Peeve, Our first stop is Mail order Bride
History Of The Mail-Order Bride

Belive it, or not mail-order bride has a long, and strong history in Canada, and America. Yet, the media seems to forget this every happen, and attack many for doing something that's ancient practice?
The birth of mail-order bride was born in the 1800's, in the wild west. You know the story everyone went west for gold, & land etc; besides money, there wasn't any women. Every cowboy needs a mate. What started as an innocent pen pal exchange, became an engagement out of necessity for also the Asian Americans for companionship. Read More..www.unc.ed
Emotional Dangers
Every minute, every day dangers emerge in countless relationships. Some are easy to forgive, some aren't. Love is not without its faults. The path to finding love is never easy foreign, or domestic; in this case the women have to worry about becoming a victim, on the other hand, the men have to worry about being taking advantage of.
The dangers can be simplified:

Liars- Liars of love are inevitable; However, it's even more dangerous when you conversing is limited by distance, and when he arrives its halted by a language barrel. Lying makes everyone a little eerie.
81% of people lie on a dating site just on height, age, and weight; could you just imagine how many lies goes through both parties in the mail order bride transaction; by pursuer, and the pursuit, and their matchmaker. 
Such as false gender claims; Chris Collier killed his wife after discovered his wife is transgender. Read More 

"Mail Order Wife" film depict
the danger in a comical way.
Loveless- The mail order Bride relationship forms over e-mails, and short visits. Marriage is always done in a hurried manner, and in some cases some take their time looking at other future brides . Keeping their options open. 
Nonetheless, when your own a date, and you only have a translator to repeat what your saying, you have to question where exactly is this relationship going?. 
Most would say communication is key in a relationship. However, every time I see mail order bride specials, the men are always quoting  "The Chemistry" Chemistry is great, but isn't that just vain?

"Dexter"quoted "Be careful of what you think of someone. You're probably wrong". So it shouldn't be a surprise when it becomes evident that its a loveless arrangement.
Whenever you have a women quoting she want a better life, and a man stating he wants a women to cook, and clean for him. You honestly think of a servant, and another with a get a jail free card. 
However, mail order marriages divorce rates are very low...  read more

What You See, Is Not What You Get-As I look around on youtube, I noticed that what we see on television is not what really on those romantic tours. Many are revealing what really goes on behind the scenes, which aren't pretty.
Domestic Violence & Murder, And Trafficking This scares me the most. My fears doesn't stem only for the women in these situations, but also the men. Difference of cultures, high expectations, dependence, and ideals can clash.

 Some believe that some marriages agencies are involved with sex traffic..Read More

Nevertheless, the divorce rates are down, however abuse in these arrangements is expected. Husbands wanting their wives to be submissive to their every whim, and need. Once the wife adjust to her new surroundings she may change, which can develop into violence.. read more

Natasha Spivak story has greed written all over it. Spivak  had a repeat customer, who had a history of being abusive with women, nevertheless Spivak arranged a marriage without letting, the bride know exactly who, and what her groom was. This turned out to be a huge scandal.
False Advertisement, scam, and death surrounds like vultures over this dreadful match.

The murders that involve mail order bride are scary. There are women that died due to marriages goes wrong; To name some:  Nina Reiser, Anastasia King, Alla Barney, and many more murders of mail order bride in South Korea.Read More
Why are these matchmakers billionaires?
Geez, yeah I no I'm right back where I started, love profiteers now invades the world of mail ordering bride. 

This not a simple mom, and pop business; Mail-order bride racked up 2 billion in revenue in 2010? I'm not a fan of dating sites making profit, but this is outrageous.
"by targeting middle-aged men who find dating troublesome—men who, according to Weiner, "don't have the money to go out on dates and go on weekends to Vegas and Atlantic City. They want someone to take care of them." While they might not have the means to secure a more conveniently located trophy wife, they must have enough money to travel to Eastern Europe and spend thousands for a shot at eternal bliss."
This Is Not an Eastern European Thing..This Is An International Thing....
Every time you look up, Russian women are being generalized as the Mail-Order Bride.
I hate how the Russians are the only ones being advertised  as the only mail-order bride; truly I do, I think its racist.
I use to be one of those people who thought  Russian women were the only contenders, yet after doing my homework its much more expansive. Colombians, and Asians are also part of the thread. I also, see Africans becoming part of the mail order bride trend.. Read more 
Words Of L'amour
 Mail-order Bride is a controversial topic.
I would never say finding love overseas is wrong, because I dated a few foreigners. Nevertheless, its how the transaction is made is what disturbs me. These Mail-order bride sites subtly states the best women are the submissive, and young?
And, theses companies and their clientele want their ideal of love to be taking seriously?

With NBC, 20/20 etc, showing video clips of young women in the Russia parading around men, that most women would even look at unless their bank account ascends their need of wealth, and protection.
Come on let's be real here.

Although, I may not wholeheartedly agree, I have to look at both sides. I can deride the Mail-Order Bride commerce, but yet it wouldn't be right. Just because there's thousands of bad apples, doesn't mean there aren't any good ones either; on both sides.

My overall opinion of the mail-order bride is not all negative, however when you got half naked beautiful women fifteen years younger than the men courting them, while she's quoting how she lives to please "Man", and how they like American men because they're more family oriented.. 
This has got to be a joke?
However, its common sense when you're country is having economically problems, you would want to get away. There will always be someone who'll exploit it.
With immense men exuding a beguiling behavior, waiting for someone to cater to his needs and women in an impoverished country who's willing to give him what he wants... Who should be blamed here? Her? Him? Or Society?

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 


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