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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Comics Laughter Is His Pain!

I never cried so much in my life watching a film. This one was a tearjerker.

This was an intriguing tale of sadness, hope, and pure genius. A well written biography by Charles Chaplin Himself; Becomes a Biopic, of one Hollywood's first movie star.

The story evolves Charlie Chaplin's life from poverty, to the buoyancy of wealth, and gift within that needed to be fed. Yet, the only way to subside this itch was to showcase his talents, in front of an audience. 
Anthony Hopkins as George Hayden
A Fictional Character
"Chaplin" shows the viewers, Charlie Chaplin's dilemma with his mother's mental disorder;  which affected Charlie, and his older brother Sydney Chaplin. 
That led this two, to a boys home, that Charlie doesn't delve into. As he tells his life story as an older man reliving, and venting his past to a fictional character, who only require details of his fortune, and misfortunes in life, into what is now, My Autobiographer.

As the plot develops we see Charlie Chaplin, as a young man, in his prime, becoming a well known comedian in England...

Robert Downey, Jr. as Charlie Chaplin
Moira Kelly as Hetty Kelly 
However, the story mainly surrounds his love life, and looking for the perfect partner.

Nevertheless after one great performance, he comes upon Hetty Kelly, a woman who will forever be linked to Mr. Chaplin's work, and affection. 

After only knowing each other for a short amount of time, Charlie Chaplin proposes marriage. 
Robert Downey, Jr. as Charlie Chaplin
Kevin Kline as Douglas Fairbanks
Baffled, and astonished she denies him, because yet he never claimed love; he promises her one day he buys her jewels, and happiness when he come back from America. Yet, not knowing this will be the very last time he'll ever see his ideal love, Hetty. 
She became Mr. Chaplin's heroine in films, and his ideal partner. 

Mr. Chaplin finds himself in America, in the entertainment showroom of a silent film. Fascinated, and
stunned Mr. Chaplin right then, and there receives news from Hollywood, requiring his brilliant expertise in the art of comedy.

He flees to Hollywood, for his big chance. And eventually, becomes one of the sought out actors in Hollywood. 
Keeping himself out of the cutting room floor...

Nancy Travis as Joan Barry
As fame comes along, so does women, frienemies, and a loyal friend, Douglas Fairbanks. Yet, the film tries to span out many details, that was a little fuzzy. As there presented as mere flashbacks.

As his career grows, so do the long list of women in his life. Visual details of outrageous relationships, and marriages, lost loves, and child support. From of some of Hollywood's leading ladies, and golddiggers
Which became mainstream gossip. 
Moira Kelly as Oona O'Neill
Mr. Chaplin found exactly what he was looking for in Oona O'Neill. Who is also played by Moira Kelly. Mr. Chaplin came off as a hopeless romantic, looking for someone similar to his first love.

As the film continues, the movie briefly  explains his controversial films, and the hatred from fans, and the public from his hometown, and a country he loved so much; that once admired his many talents, ache his gentle heart. 

 His persistence paid off, after exile for many years, Mr. Chaplin once again emerged as the brilliant silent actor, with the Academy Award honoring his triumphs, with an addition of a lump sum of short clips of his work. With tears streaming down his cheeks, as he reminiscence the parting of his own life experience in the ending of the short clip.

Overall, A Lovely heartbreaking film.
Mr. Charlie Chaplin came to find love in the most interesting way. Moira Kelly plays bother parts of  Hetty Kelly / Oona O'Neill. Truly making the link of fate, and that she is his true soulmate. 
Robert Downey Jr. was Amazing. Never seen better acting. Milla Jovovich as sexy, as always. A must see film. Everyone was amazing. However, Robert Downey Jr. was the star. Geraldine Chaplin also as her grandmother, was superb.

I was going to write this post, On Charlie Chaplin's Birthday, yet it had to be delayed, as Saucy Wench took up to much of my time. However, I will be posting History Of L'amour on Mr. Charlie Chaplin; after I read various Biographies, and his own.
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy
4/12 out 5
A Must-See, If you haven't already!
Great Movie Review On "Chaplin"

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