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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tears For Fears

My tears are not designed for me
There a sketch for those who are bound to boundaries
Those who cry for themselves
Comprehend only selfishness
My tears are selfless
And what else?
There a blueprint of tears that steams from fears
Seeing evilness firsthand, painted into my being, those who make a payment off of anguish
And so it seems
From those who bore me, and those who surrounded me still
They're everywhere
They're never ill
They think they know me.. I laugh at their typical stupidity!
Insipidity has consumed their minds
Typical for our world any generation, or time
With no limits
Its completely blind
People are notorious, and heartless, deaf to others sadness, and mind
And, I ask myself why?
I feel their pain
Its advent
With no capacity
I cry their tears 
Willing to spare my life for their fears.

Those who strive for pity-
Are pity-less, and pointless
Immune to others disappointments 
This frame I've described are details of empathy, and emptiness
Aren't they sublime?
Symbolic symbols of man-kind
Leave others poignant, and penny-less
And they ask me why I waste my time?
Self-indulges has pissed me off for the very last time
Talk of only frivolous things in life
Those are hungry don't have nine lives
And, you're crying because sadness saddles your vanity
Your kidding me, right?

My tears has embroidered into what seems to be me, or what's is left of me
Left of human life
So it seems
My stream have no color
They come black, blue, or even green
A puddle of sadness
And so it seems 
Poesia is my way to escape this horror, while others use a pipe to deem into their dreams that they borrow
I call this pipe dreams of sorrow.

My tears of fears will never leave me
I drown in my tears that steams from fears
A toxin that I flood in
And so it seems 
Grief has stricken me, threaten my lively being
Tears that drip from me
Tears I swim in
Tears of others 
Tears I live in
Tears that will never disappear within.
Written By Nailah D'arcy

Amour Toujours  
Nailah D'arcy 

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