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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Saucy Wench: Aphrodite And Booty Calls, Astray & Questionable Lovers: Part 2

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As I stated before Aphrodite's ( Asteroid 1388) parentage is  questionable. According to Homer she was the daughter of Zeus, and Dione.
According to Hesiod, she's the daughter of Uranus.

There a reason why I'm bringing this up again, because supposedly there are two different Aphrodite's.
Aphrodite Ourania, and Aphrodite Pandemos..
Aphrodite Ourania embody love directed towards "the soul of the beloved"; on the other hand, Aphrodite Pandemos embodies vulgar, and lustfully wanton.

This is very important. 
Almost vital information.
Maybe to excuse her Karrine Steffans behavior, or to explain the true foundation of the importance of Aphrodite presences, and why she needed a double. 

Nevertheless, many bloggers, historians, etc all say it's merely because Aphrodite couldn't help herself. She's the goddess of love.....That's her nature.  
Aphrodite, Eros, & Mars 
Yet, according to The Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology this minor difference does not change her behavior. The analogy seems to get muddled and tries to dismiss the  incestual relationships, and mindless behavior, that played out in many of Aphrodite's affairs.

Aphrodite/Venus sexuality is so important that it played out into one of her celebrated holidays Aphrodisiac, and Veneralia. Which in various places in Greece her priestesses tried to embody the goddess by matching her libido.... read more And dance around Rome in an erotic manner, and give offerings to the Temple Of Venus Erycina.

I bet you're thinking ...There's more men?
Just be lucky, I'm not writing a post on Zeus. Because this trilogy, would end up two month extensions.
Um... Let's just say the gods enjoyed toasting to Joie de’vivre.
 Joie de’vivre seems to be a phrase that Aphrodite live, and breathed for. 
Joie de’vivre is what were about to Indulge in as.....
As Romantique Innocence delves into 
One Saucy Wench: Aphrodite And Booty Calls, Astray & Questionable Lovers: Part 2
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Two Lovers Of Water
But Were They Lovers?
Poseidon (Asteroid 4341), also known as Neptune. The god of the sea.
 The obvious connection to Aphrodite, and Poseidon seem to be frivolous, yet not useless.. 
The only proof of their connection would be the parentage of Rhode, and Herophilos.
I could not find solid information on Herophilos. 

However, Rhode's history stems to Rhodes Island, in Greece. Which is where she became the sea nymph of this Island.
She was also the wife of Helios, nevertheless I can't seem to truly uncover this illicit affair, between Aphrodite, and Poseidon.
An Intoxicating Love
That Made Toxic, and Genuine Offspring 
Dionysus ( Asteroid 3671) the god of intoxication, & wine. Roman equivalent Bacchus (Asteroid 2063).
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The Son of Zeus, and Semele (Asteroid 86); which changes with different variations.
Dionysus is mostly known as the god born twice. Saved by his father Zeus, when Hera ( Zeus wife) discovers that Zeus were having an affair with the mortal Semele.
Nevertheless, his divinity is not taking seriously by mortals.

I guess it pretty easy, to sum up as to why theses two sensual gods became lovers.
Two lovers on the borderline of going against boundaries. One with ecstasy, one with uncontrollable passions.
What such a perfect match. So alike, yet in different ways. 
I can actually see these two deities bond in marriage. 
Ariadne (Asteroid 43) a mortalwas the betrothed to Dionysus. Their story is also quite interesting also. 

However, from what I read, this liaison was brief, and short. Only to serve one purpose. 
A quick climax....
Angel, and Deviant Children 
This union brought forth a phallic deity. A mind only expands as far as an erection. The deity Priapus (H22  hypothetical planetA minor god.
 Another parentage in question. Some actually say that Aphrodite is not the mother, of Priapus. Chione has been named as Priapus's mother.

 This tale stems right back to Hera ( Gosh, she doesn't get it. Once a cheater, always a cheater). Her influence in this story effects his physical appearance, after not getting over the incident of Zeus's lack of commitment, and bearing to look at another one of his bastard children.
As a results this lead to Aphrodite ( or whomever) shunning Priapus, merely because of his awkward appearance.

Similarly, his identity is commonly linked to both Aphrodite, and Dionysus. Lack of commitment, and strive for intoxicating sexual experiences; from anyone, or anything. 
Priapus is a minor god, that many never took seriously.
Treated as a mere deviant.
Another child emerges from this union
Hermes Bakkheios (Iakkhos), may have been a product of their union. Apparently, he was named the golden child. The complete opposite of Priapus. However, I don't see the connection, except the name content of Dionysus equivalent name of Bacchus.
That's about it.
Aphrodite(venus) & Mars ( Ares) 
The Dynamic Force Of Mars Sexuality
Ares( Mars) the god of warfare. The son of Zeus, and Hera.

Ares is very important to the Olympia empire, nevertheless he was not treated as such.
The less admirable Ares... Every loves to hate him, even the mortals.. I wise man once said ( I can't remember which one, lol)

Ares was hated the most because every Olympian god, knew deep down inside, there was a piece of his slanderous behavior in all of them.
I which I'll have to agree with. As we see it continues on till his day.

The Greeks weren't that fond of Ares
Yet, the Romans admired their equivalent Ares, Mars. For protection, and territorial and economic expansion.
Children Of Terror & Erotic Love 
Hitherto, Ares is connected to various affairs.
Aphrodite & Ares in many oriental texts has been forever linked. Their relationship is so famous, that Ares sometimes is regarded as Aphrodite's husband.
Ares, Aphrodite, & Eros 
Their adulterous affair plays in the Odyssey. Which was described in Part 1;
Describing Aphrodite's 72 day marriage to Hephaistos. Almost a duplication of the Kim Kardashian, and Kris Humphries short-term marriage.

Their relationship lacks depth, albeit, it brings six children into the picture ( or writing).
The Erotes: Eros ( asteroid 433) the god of amorous desires, and Anteros ( Asteroid 1943) the god of mutual love. However, Eros Parentage is iffy.
Phobos, Roman Equiliavent Timor, the embodiment of fear; and his twin Deimos Roman equivalent Formido or Metus, also known as the god Terror.

Adrestia, a minor god, that I never knew existed, until now. Her history is bleak. With only a description of her deity powers of revenge, and balance.

Harmonia ( asteroid 40)  the goddess of Harmony. Haromnia has also been named the daughter of Zeus, and Electra. Yet, Harmonia is mostly connected to Aphrodite Pandemos. Nonetheless, Harmonia mortality is questionable, different accounts say she's mortal, or immortal. She was the wife of the Phoenician prince Cadmus( Asteroid 7092)
Zeus ( Jupiter)
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Aren't We Related???
Zeus(Asteroid 5731) Greek Equivalent Jupiter. The father of the gods.
This affair may have been, an incestual relationship.
 That's the only conclusion, I can come up with. 
According to
"The King of the Gods attempted to seduce Aphrodite when she first set foot upon land in Kypros. Aphrodite fled and Zeus' seed was spilt upon the earth."
Leaving You With Words From, The Most Beautiful Sauciest Wench.......
Aphrodite's life was full of a seduction, and in this case LSD and surprisingly  also dolphins.  Her voyages are connected to a very scandalous life, yet she plays a very important part in mythology.. that may have effected our now present history, of the slogan "Sex Sells", and the embodiment of the vixen. 
As Saucy Wench continues next week with more shocking details of our most praised deity past, and influence in our present. Until then,
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy
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