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Friday, April 19, 2013

NFPF:Nailah's Favorite Poem Friday

Aphrodite By Victor James Daley 

On a golden dawn in the dawn sublime 

Of years ere the stars had ceased to sing, 
Beautiful out of the sea-deeps cold 
Aphrodite arose—the Flower of Time— 
That, dear till the day of her blossoming, 
The old, old Sea had borne in his heart. 
Around her worshipping waves did part 
Tremulous—glowing in rose and gold. 
And the birds broke forth into singing sweet, 
And flowers born scentless breathed perfume: 
Softly she smiled upon Man forlorn, 
And the music of love in his wild heart beat, 
And down to the pit went his gods of gloom, 
And earth grew bright and fair as a bride, 
And folk in star-worlds wondering cried— 
“Lo in the skies a new star is born!” 

O Beloved, thus on my small world you 

Rose, flushing it all with rosy flame! 
Changing sad thoughts to a singing throng, 
And creating the earth and the sky anew! 
As Love you appeared—and, lo, you are Fame, 
And, all my follies and sins despite, 
You yet, Beloved, may see my light— 
Small, but a star—mid the stars of song. 
Written By 
Victor James Daley 

As we prolong into the month of Aphrodite, I want us to explore how she inspired many poet's. She became a muse for many lovely poems. 

As a true follower and believer of the Erotes, and Erato. I don't have to tell you how the deities influenced my writings. You see it on many occasions. 
Nevertheless, I came across Victor James Daley, by chance. I'm eager to learn more about this Australian poet. 
Any-who, don't indulge into to much Aphrodisia over the weekend ;) 
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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