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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

History Of L'amour: Nesta Robert Marley: Virtuoso In Music, But Who Was His True Love.. His Wife, Mistress, Or Music?

Music was Bob Marley's beginning, and his ending.

Bob Marley was an enigmatic poet. What he represents, and what he presented to this world is a monumental, for belief in yourself, and mankind.

A mortal soul only in the search of the truth, yet while searching for the light, he brought the world along with him. What Bob Marley left behind, has profoundly affected many people, all over the world.

And, no it's not just cannabis, dread-locks, and soccer... Although, these activities are mostly associated to Mr. Marley's:
 Live life to the fullest ideal.
Nevertheless, Bob Marley has brought love for expanding our minds, and hearts to the world, through simple words.

However, this Rasta smooth talker, loved the ladies.. 
Charisma most women gravitate too. Or was that a myth.. with only a trickling of his shyness, and many women  search for gold.
Albeit, Romantique Innocence j'adore music; but love is what drive this force of History Of L'amour. 
So, did this Jamaican Rasta find love?
Love & Acceptance
"The Buffalo Solider, Dread Lock-Rasta-Sta-Sta-" The Fugees "Ready Or Not" 
The good always dies young.. It's a proven fact, time, and time again.
Whenever talent is involved, it's always the certain individual that know one every suspects, or that certain someone that get's pushed around.

Life is funny, isn't it? 

A life of mere poverty, and talent that finds riches.
Not only wealth, but wealth of mind, speech, and freedom.
A man known to many, as someone before his time. 
An innovator, and trendsetter. 
Yet, Bob Marley went through many struggles, and hardship; To share with the audience, his troublesome experiences. To bring  people together, and outline the prejudices we hold onto so dearly.

Ostracized by Afro-Jamaican, and English Jamaican. 
Rejection may have led him, too overcompensate. 
Bob Marley, discovered many layers of life in a short span of years.
Albeit, we all know how talented, this gifted man was. A turbulent life, may have built an arduous love life; which painted a different picture of Bob Marley. 
Love, Lust, Lost, Soul & Music 
This Jamaican rasta
Bob & Rita Marley
Went through women, as fast as he went through marijuana.

It's no secret, that Bob Marley is known as a womanizer. With nine children, two adopted, and two unclaimed. His desire to have many children, came in handy with, extramarital affairs.

With many rendezvous too name. Marley free-spirited ways may have delayed him to every finding true love.. Yet, came in handy with inspiring musical translation.

However, throughout Bob's illicit affairs; With many sexual escapades too name, makes you question his beliefs. 

Contradicting his love, unity, and peace ideal.

Women weren't allowed to wear make-up, perfume, not allowed to voice their own opinion .. Basically, treated as maids. 
Bob Marley & Cindy Breakspeare

Furthermore, Bob was a married man. For fifteen years too Rita Marley. She bore him three children.
Rita Marley was only known as a background singer for the "I Threes", and also Marley's secretary.
No one knew that he was married too Rita, except family, and friends.

Nonetheless, Rita claims Bob's illicit affairs, and lack of acknowledgment, never bothered her. She believed in the cause, and what they had was much stronger, than a mere one-night stands. 
Although too the world, Marley claimed he's not married, and that no woman would ever control him.
Their relationship depicts as mother and son love. With her physical appearance, and mannerism, duplicating his own mother.

Bob Marley had numerous affairs. However, Bob's relationship with Cindy Breakspeare (known as Miss World 1976) had the essences of longevity.   
Bob Marley & Cindy Breakspeare
Their relationship, was displayed in magazines, and became, a hot topic among gossipers. Some actually claim, that if Bob ever fell in love, it was with Cindy. 

Bob's fondness for Cindy, couldn't keep him away from other women. This bachelor held trysts with an array of women; even with some of Cindy's friends. However, Bob feared probing question; so he stayed clear of jealous women. 
Whereas jealously wasn't a quality Cindy held.
He chased after her, not the other way around.  Which is a quality, he admired.  
An Aquarius thing. I'm guessing 

"when Cindy was only a teenager. They occupied different rooms in different areas of the house. Don Taylor asserts that Bob had made many passes at Cindy but it was not until he became famous and owner of the house that she paid him any attention (Taylor)"

There are many other women, that were linked to Bob Marley Read More

The Marley Family 
Mr. Marley's love life is questionable. Moreover, taking on the same tough outlook when it came to his family. Non-emotional, a strict approach to family. 
Bob was a great provider, but was much more in love with his purpose in life.

"You see, I personally know, my heart can be as hard as a stone, and yet soft as water-Bob Marley 

Lost brought talent, Music Brought love, Lust Brought Cindy Breakspear, and The soul brought Rita Marley.

Words Of L'amour, & Wisdom
Writing this article was blissful. Every time I write a detail article, I try to experience the artist, actress, poet.. 
I want to know them inside, and out.. I been feeling all this love, just listening to Marley albums... But, when you start to learn about someone personal life, you start questioning who they truly were. 

Normally, my words of wisdom are pretty harsh; especially, with all the details I've presented. Although, details of Bob Marley on blogs, documentaries describing this complex poet, are to their ideal. 
I feel no one, every truly knew who Bob Marley was. 
A man mystery.

Moreover, I grew up listening to Bob Marley melodies, and inspiring words. I'm not his biggest devoted fan, I'll admit. 
Having said that, I always respect someone who stands up for their beliefs.

Bob's love life was in complete shambles. I think his childhood, may have effected him in a way that was inspiring, and also tragic.   

Everyone knows who Bob Marley is.. not the entity that has been described countless times, something more, than words can describe.
Bob Marley is the voice of  encouragement.
What's deep down inside of us. 
His intuitively inspiring music, is the pure entity of living in peace, love & unity. 
Nevertheless, his love life, did not depict what he preached.
 His love came in a form of musical notes, nothing more, and nothing less.

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 
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Vineta Liaina said...

I too grew up listening to Bob Marley's music which I always gain a sense of peace and settlement from. Him and his music means a lot to me. After researching, I was at a loss to discover his many relationships with women. Part of me felt really betrayed or let down and part thinking he really is only human! But yes sad to think that he struggled to find his real true love....

Nailah D'arcy said...

Vineta Liaina, I was completely baffled of all the things I've learned about Bob Marley. Its really sad to see a man with such a great purpose, that was on the borderline of being a hypocrite.I agree he is human, yet making the same mistake a thousand times does not justify his actions.

I'm glad his music touched you in a good way also:). I've even caught myself crying to his songs. He is one of the few people who I think deserve to find love, because he's the type of man that a has a lot to give; you can sense it through his music.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, I always love to hear what others think.
Nailah D'arcy


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