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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Maudlin Pet Peeve: Love Profiteers?

Love ProfitteersLove has become everyone's prerogative. Another objective to accomplish, to check off  the list of things to do.. 
I know, I'm making it sound like a job, right? 

Well this has become a full-time occupation for many. 
Finding love, for lost souls.. Or correcting 
a persona in the name of love! 

Yet don't worry 21st century technology, or a professional will take care of it for you. To make it completely easy for those who clearly have no time, and those who have a disgruntle personality.
From the matchmakers, to the authors, to the filmmakers. 

However, some individuals believe they need help, and a little push. Ultimately, this idea has made false profits a fortune.
Now many claims they'd found a cure to finding true love....

Aloof singles, find exactly what they're looking for. 

Nevertheless, not until their prospect has been cleaned, shaved, makeup, etc. We'll make them look, and behave exactly how you like it. 
This is used vainly once again. Another way to make profit off you. A little help is great, but becoming an advocate of love... eh, I have to stop you there.

Millionare MatchMaker
Millionaire Match Maker! Do I Need To Say More
I use to adore this show. Although, Patti Stanger's antics, and unabashed honest approach, made this show quite entertainment. 
However, with a questionable character. 
Would you truly want this women to be your matchmaker?
With all that, my biggest pet peeve with this show, is the message it puts forward... 

Let me paint this picture for you. 
Shall I?
Just think about it.
 Men/women lined up as if they're being profited off, as workers at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch .. with Patti quoting "Which one makes the penis goes up
(let me remind you, these are not my words.)

Berating each frontrunner, on their physical appearance.
Vain hungry individuals praying to be picked. 
Yeah, please let me marry a millionaire!

It's a terrible charade of vanity, lust, and greed.. Nonetheless, this is matchmaking.
I get it love comes from many places, but this is just revolting to even watch. Almost painful.

And, many are making a profit of the ideal to bring what you desire to your doorstep, and just think this is legal. 

Patti's not the only profiteer...With variety of women cashing out on Love. With the same berating tales on how to keep a man: with books with outlandish titles, and predictable advice.
Let me name a few
 "Why Men Love Bitches " , "How to Date Men: Dating Secrets from America's Top Matchmaker", "How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You" "How To Marry A Multi-Millionaire". Many more post online, feeding into this ideal. 
Please give me a break from these,  Cosmopolitan top 10 love gimmicks. 

They're writing the same advice, that any sane person, and some cases not so sane would recommend, or reeking of tasteless vanity. 
I Get It You're A Guy, And You Have Good Advice.... But, why is it always the women getting blamed for everything.... and, I have to pay 19.95 for a book you probably didn't even write. For the same advise, you can hear from any joe-blow.
With self-help books by Steve Harvey, describing the three things men need in a relationship, naming "The Cookie" number three. 
However, the cookie had a five page detailed soliloquy; while loyalty, and support lacked the same gusto. Using terms such as throwback, and sport fishing.
This is the best a college graduate can do.. wow 

Yet, this man was married three times, and stated you shouldn't date an atheist.. because he doesn't have morals?
Do you really want to take advice from a man who left his wife, for his mistress?
And an atheist, doesn't have morals? hmmmm....Read More about Steve Harvey divorce:
Another, profiteer Steve Ward. A matchmaker on "Vh1: Tough Love". He also published a self-help book, written by him and his mother. You heard it right. His mother helps him write relationship advice.
 Once again, wow. 

More shows, and books are directed towards the vixen women, that need to be tamed.. 
Men please tell me,  what I'm doing wrong? Please teach me etiquette!
Throughout, "Tough Love" series, Ward blatantly berates the cast members. 
How they need to conform too attract men, and too also keep them. 
Ward's arbitrary approach is ridiculous. 
Cornelia Africana
Ideal Roman Noblewoman

In basic terms, the women are taught to be like Roman ideal noblewoman, Cornelia.
And, being taught how to play a man's game to keep his interest ( and, just think, this is normal). All this for a love, that not even guarantee.  

These so-called matchmakers, are just teaching you how to hide yourself, hide your faults, thoughts, ideas..
Because if you don't seem normal, you'll scare him/her away...

 And, we wonder why the divorce rate is high. It's because we are all playing games and hiding ourselves!
The irony!
I'll Give My You Two Cents What I'm trying to get at. These supposedly matchmakers, ideal of how to get a man/woman is merely to play games to receive affection?
Seriously is this high school?
Love does not come in a form of a game. No one, can tell you how to be too receive affection.  You have to be yourself, even the side you want to hide. Because the good, and bad is what keeps love enduring, through the long haul.

In simpler words, just good ol' common sense can help you. Better yet, learn a little history. History always seems, to bring me back to reality.
These gimmicky books are telling you what to do on the surface. Beyond superficial, vain, and predictable. 
I'm Guilty 
I'm not the only one. I seem various of post online stating the presence you have to give, too receive love.
I love romance love, amore, the thought of love, the intensity. 
But, I'll never sell you pipe dreams. I'll never tell you to change who you are, to find love.
.. I'm maudlin, yet I'm also realistic .. 
I've given relationship advice, nonethless, I've never been compensated for it. However, I can't seem to ever stomach it. 
Because your're not me, and I'm not you... No one can tell you the rules of love.
Please Stop This Madness, In The Name Of Love!I love money, and prestige as much as the next person... we all do. 

However, have you notice the same people who a purposing ideal love to you, have a screwed up love life.
From the mama's boy, the adulterous and one deeply disturbed woman.

Love cannot be changed, rearranged, misconstrued, and back and fixed by someone with a missing screw ( hey, I had to rhyme.. I can't help it!). 
Love just happens.. 
It's natural, it's not a book out there to show you how, what, when, and why.
Please stop buying into this! Stop this nonsense, in the name of love, because you're truly breaking my heart.

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 


Collar City Brownstone said...

I did not care for Steve Harvey's book either. He was putting the responsibility on the woman and almost none on the man. I was also offended by the term "throwback" as if women are objects that you use. Every woman is someone's daughter, sister, etc.

I actually did not pay for the book. I got in in a free limited time download. After I read it I discarded it.

Nailah D'arcy said...

Yeah, I have to agree with you. It was more like us women have to change, and accept men with all their faults. Yeah, okay whatever. What such a Sexist!
I thought it was all BS also.
Nailah D'arcy


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