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Thursday, February 14, 2013

♥Amorous♥ Part ♥ I

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It started out innocently. 
The god of love lurking and seething me. 
I was scared, and terrified by thee 
Yet, this lurcher was more beautiful, than any human I've ever seen
He stated he only desired my devoted friendship.. A quote he used quite frequently.
The scent of love was intoxicating, that I could not deny divinity.
I looked upon him, and witness a sharp objects-
He promised his eros will never reach me. 
He spoke eloquently 
And stated he goes by many loving names 
Yet, he desired to be called Love.
I merely laughed at the civility that was displayed.
I've always wanted to be near love, and now my chance was used in vain.
I inquiry "why many use your name is vain?"
He merely laughed, and said  "I never step over the toes of Anteros, I stay in my place" 

Instincts told me too fret
Yet, I yearned for this terrifying threat. 
"I asked why me?"
He replied "Because you cherished, and searched for me.."
After staring, and interrogation the embodiment of love
We spent many nights conversing, and talking about the heaven above-
Every night 
Eros narrated tall tales, until I fell into a slumber.
He said he would come every night before I slept, and he'll depart when I my were eyes fasten & wet.
I'll wake up lonesome in the middle of the night
Weeping every time he disappeared... 

Until one day, he wasn't there
Feeling useless, and becoming a nuisance too everyone came near.

I was becoming Psyche, or second best. 
Until the god of love told give it a rest
I stated I've become unbalanced without your appearance.
Our friendship has become my life, without you it will become idle
Finally, He said this is enough.. Uncannily, I thought this was a bluff..
Yet, he disappear 
And I was in fear, have I scared away Love with a clingy arrows spheres?
My tenacious spirit couldn't let Love go
But, led me on journey of Amorous
With grandiose show ....To be Continued 

Happy Valentines Day!..
This is not only a day for loving your sweetheart, but everyone.
Nonetheless, I know this poem is new for me. I just couldn't end this little tale so dreary. So I figured,  I'll make it into a short story.. I just hope it's depicted as well, Imagined it.
So stay tuned.. And, have fun on this cheesy holiday.
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Nailah D'arcy

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