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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Influential Artistry

Everything we do, touch, feel, becomes the essences of who we are, and what we are here to do.
What we leave behind just may become musings to the next wondrous artist, that will finish our accomplishment.. this continuation will continue to trickling upwards. It's a never ending story.
Many brilliant artiste have left us. Many individuals, are trying to top the next ideal of perfect craftsmanship. 
An undiscovered Hephaestus. 
Taking bits, and pieces from those of greatness.. That never feared the unknown. Nonetheless, many artist were/are predators, too what is alien to us: 
In some cases it's reverse, which may be our most celebrated artists downfall. Romance/Love is the pigment of our society. It becomes the legacy of  the worlds most renowned artist. 
Helps them create artistry. 
The artiste visual touch, and sense romance. And, through their fans, they find love. These wonderful artists all swam, in the fountain of youth of artistry. Yet, their talent are/were only used to inspire. 
So Whats Your Talent?

The Performers
Beauty transcends throughout the performance. The audience is always bedazzled by the ostensible creativeness that's displayed. Terpsichore is the guidance to dance. The quiet emotional expression; Leads to the sensual beauty of the body flexibility, and form.
On the other hand, while the actors brings drama, and true emotion too the forefront. While the comedian brings realism in the form of comedy. While musician tell tales of life, and love. Music becomes the artist, and the listeners rhapsodic. 
Watching performances has become the way of life. It's details is the way of pulchritude, and love.
The Painters
Milla Jovovich
Artistry of beauty 
"Belle" is what every painter strives for. The Painter is more than pastels, and a stool. In fact we see paintings everyday; from the food we eat, and the beautiful scenery, right outside. The painter displays beauty in many forms. With fashion designer styling our visual style, with portraits, and the runway shows with beautiful models. On the hand, the chef makes food out of love, with plates that are designed, to entice us. 
The lovely home decorators, and the architectural building styled, and designed in a particular decor.
The Fragonard Room, The Frick, 1927
The painter makes physical beauty, a portrait for now, and reference to beauty in a particular era. With paintings, photos, and sites like: Vintage-spirit , Marieagneau are only one click away from keeping breathtaking images, and paintings in our hearts forever.

The Fortune-Tellers/ Predictors 
Calliope ( Muse of Poetry & history)
& Urania ( Muse of Astronomy) 
Urania Immortals. This talent hits only a hand-full of people. Brings upon change, among others, and themselves.  Nevertheless, The power of astronomy brings psychic, numerology, & astrology to clairvoyance ideas. However, when they are not proving themselves to others, there also changing romance, and love through synastry, tarot, & numbers.
Many fantastic bloggers are exploring this phenomenon. Sites like:DarkstarastrologyTheastrologyplace,&Seventhlifepath,and many more.
Love for the Predictors comes in the form of change. Changing the hearts, minds, body's  and souls.

Lovely Writers
“I have been used to consider poetry as the food of love,” Mr Darcy Pride & Prejudice Chapter 9
Thomas Hardy
A Brilliant English Victorian  Novelist.
Every poet, & novelist have their own distinct writing style. Describing the mundane, tragic, or fanciful world.  Through the power of the words, that turns in sentence, that turns into either poetry, or a novel. 
And, now with blogs, anyone can have a voice. From the quill, to the Ipad; has made hopeless dreams, into reality. Words are empowering, and makes many think outside the box, or within the box. Years of intelligent thinkers using there gift of imagination to teach, and speak words from the heart; have left behind.. talent that's not only beautiful, but also loving. My words only lead too......
Words Of L'amour For The New Year... Too find creativity, you have to find your heart. From the clairvoyance, too the talented thespian. They learned from the talent before them. Love, and romance makes an artist. The feel of  intense of emotions from their surrounds, or within. 
The Musing Goddesses 
Never copy, never be typical, always strive to be something extraordinary. Let your talented endeavors lead you to brilliance. Let your art become your libido. Learn from the Goddesses of muses, of better yet learn for those you admire, and inspire you. Leave something behind for those in the years to come.
Let 2013 Be The Year Of Artistry!

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

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