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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Forbidden In The Garden Of Eden: Teenage Pregnancy

Life is funny isn't it?
Less than 200 Years ago teenage age girls were encouraged, or told too have children, get married as soon as possible..
And, 200 years is truly not that long ago, honestly.
Now, this ideal has become completely taboo.
From various documentaries, movies, novels, poetry, and even reality shows.
Teenage pregnancy is now frown upon.
Yet, in some cases this have become the ideal ways to becoming famous, or a way to keep a boyfriend, or just purely a mistake.
Whatever the case maybe....
Teenage Pregnancy, has now become Forbidden in the garden of Eden......

16 & Pregnant
Reality & Teenage Pregnancy
Anonymity is not what many teenagers seek. Their dreams of becoming famous, can now happen with the birth of a child.
With television shows like 16 & pregnant, and Dr. Phil episode; of a teenage girl reasons of having a child, only to get onto this show, & a way to keep her boyfriend near.
Yes, this been used in vain. 
Ella Page as Juno MacGuff
However, not every teenager use their pregnancy for leverage. But, I have seen this up-close-&-personal. So yes this truly happens. On many occasions. 
However, is it that the media truly influence young individuals? or has history been installed into us, in a way that we cannot comprehend?

The Reality Of Teenage Pregnancy 
Although, the percentage of teenage pregnancy, has dropped significantly. Due to sex education courses etc. However, well developed countries such as: The United States, United Kingdom, & New Zealand have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy's. Which many studies show links too, mainly those connected to social issues, lack of education, poverty, and even race.

Yet, in some countries, some women marry early; Yet, in some cases give birth before the age of 18, which gives them a higher rate of teenage pregnancy. 
While the Korean, and Japanese culture remains low.
Nevertheless, teenage pregnancy comes with a social stigma, that the results of there decision, is a life that is wasted. 
Could it be our culture sets those of lower social status to fail? Yet, could it be that that  surrounds of a teenage girl, is simply the only realms they allow themselves too see? 
Words Only Of Love
I feel Iffy about this particular topic.
No, I don't have any children. 
But, I totally understand this complex cruel world. Growing up alone, and know one too love, no direction, no one to tell you've done this right, a surrounding of a mere hint of your own future. Eventually, finding solace in the arms of another, or a child.

On the other hand, I get why history was focused on marriage, and children. With rapid deaths, and low population.
Nonetheless, while I was attending high school, & middle school I knew a lot of girls that were pregnant. And, I knew a lot of them that used the pregnancy in a way that baffled me, til this day.
In the Garden of Eden growth, was enforced. Yet, the stigma the teenage mother carries is forever. 
With, so many networks exploiting this tragedy. Which is quite sad to watch, I must say. 
I'll just the leave you with words of wisdom from Tupac 
Or tell me your thoughts on this particular topic?
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

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