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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Devilish Woman

Travels through the night
I found my lusty flight
That's not always in the arms of man, its the robust of life
I discovered my double life
My dire needs is to put up a fight
Oh, what a life
I've become a wench
When I once was a wife
I said my vows with sarcasm not once, but twice
Oh, I love my life
In the dark am not nice
In the light am fair, delicate, and never a trife
With a smirk they never see
 With my lips I smoke more than thee
I've become more than the eye can see
I hope this the duly noted 
I'm willing to share
Are you willing to spare?
Are you blushing over there?
Yeah, I know my aura gives off a devilish stare, that makes many glare
Make those that come near, poof as the smoke from my cigarette disappears
I become devious when the night appears
I become the sweetness when the night fears
I'm the devilish women you're terrified to come near
Yet, when the night clears your full of chatter, and civilities that bores me still
I came upon my devilish ways
When I found the world more twisted
More than my deviant ways
There's no subtle way too describe this urge from wanting for more, than simpler days and flaunting  
I question my taunting ways
Am, I afraid of being the simple women with the only hope of lazy days
Or, am I more wicked than I willing to claim?
Whatever it is
I found it traveling through the night
I'm just a devilish woman
Oh, what a sight.
By Nailah D'arcy

I've been out of the poetry game for awhile. I kinda of miss it. lol. I have tons of half-written poems around the house, I haven't published yet.
Yet, poems published on Romantique Innocence, are poems I come up with Instantly. It's like the words pop in my head, and I have to put it on paper (computer).
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

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