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Monday, January 28, 2013

10 Reasons Why I'd Marry Larry David: Part 2

Everyone has, or had a Larry David Moment. Larry David questions society norms, everyday. You gotta admit, that's quite sexy. 
Things that society hate, Nailah love's. 
Like I stated before..... she's a rebel. 
Everything that Mr. David represents, is on her check list( Oh wow, how cheesy).
While our damsel jumps up, and down while listening to Frolic, and enjoy laughing her ass off, too Larry David classics moments on DVD, YouTube & there something else I'm missing. Oh, yeah Netflix....
As Romantique Innocence Continues With Top 10 Reasons Why I'd Marry Larry David 

5. The obvious.. Every day would be an adventure.. Seriously, a day with Larry David can start off with an innocent stroll, too killing a swan. Firing his therapist, because he witnessed him wearing a thong at the beach, and another arrested for bad relationship advice, another telling terrible secrets of other well known celebrities... the list goes on.

I love a little crazy. Without it life is too dull. Life would never be boring with Larry David.. Just very unique. 

4. After divorcing Cheryl, Larry bachelor days, has made him a wiser man. 
A Guru of giving relationship advice, and sex advice. 

"Guys are more happy single, while women are more happy married"- Larry David

We are in the same business.. Ahh, he just keeps getting better. Too ascertain, all of the knowledge that Mr. David have. I wouldn't be writing a blog, I'd have a published book; praised by the New York Times.. We would make such a great team. 
A dysfunctional one, yet a great one. 

One tip don't drive you date around, she just might not come upstairs afterwards.

3. Larry David  has exquisite fashionable taste From undergarments, too those fifth grader shoes, goofy glasses. He is always raising the stakes in fashion. Testing the bow tie look, tucking in his shirt. There's always a new Larry.
Mr. David believes in his fashion so much, that he's willing to fight for a dead man's shirt.
Stealing a jacket from Hugh Henfer.. You haven't met a fashionista, til you've met Larry David.

2.He's Honest. Another obvious reason, huh? this is what, I love most about Larry David..  I would never have to guess what he'e thinking, or feeling. 
A romantic dream, or nightmare? 
Social faux pas, has made Larry David a social assassin. ( god, he'll never be out of a job).   

1. Larry David Is a romantic.... 
Larry is always being treated like Cinderella, in relationships. Yet, he's not the sappy emotional type.  Nevertheless, he does care deeply, and he's not a cheater.
He'll do anything for you.. steal flowers from a grave site, buy you ice cream when he wants sex, he's very informative, so he talks during sex ( which I actually kinda like), try to rob your therapist, too seek you'r favor. 
He's got the romantique itch. 

According too Larry, when death hit's the marriage completely over. So if you think, he's going to wait for you.. Think again.
Yet, I depicted some less desirable qualities; that would make any women run, and hide.  However, Larry is a romantic, as stated in the "The Bat Mitzvah" episode .. 

The Court Jester, Always Have The Last Laugh... No, wait the Comics Comics Do.. Yeah, because he got me.. lol. I'm pretty sure, we'd get divorce as soon as the article ends.
Sometimes being someone with similar characteristic is either a curse, or virtue.

But, who wouldn't love being married to a comedian.. at least once...Yet, only through the television? ( wow, I have become one creepy stalker.) .. 
Sorry to say my friends, this fable doesn't end as well as it begun.. Because, it was the pure imagination of our damsel. I guess that's how most most fairy-tales ends; with brilliance, and a diagnoses from a therapist ( hey, you got to be a little crazy, to be a artist). 

Overall, I'm a big fan. I love someone who goes against these terribly social faux pas, that are questionable. Larry David's expletive behavior, is quite entertaining. Larry David has made a huge impression on society, in general. 
One man's alter ego made a empire. That's pretty, pretty inspiring.
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A wise woman, once told me
"If you Enjoy unorthodox comedy, you'll Love "Curb You Enthusiasm"
And, now I'm telling you
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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