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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Reasons Why I'd Marry Larry David: Part 1

Once upon a time, a girl named Nailah
stumbled upon a famous television show called "Seinfeld". However, our damsel never looked at the credits, or even paid attention to the creators, or writers.

Like most people. Silly girl.

That wasn't until someone ( who will remain anonymous) Said: 'You like Seinfeld? Oh, well you'll love Curb Your Enthusiasm.' Our Damsel, responded saying.......Eh, Hands out, and all duplicating this mysterious man, named Larry David. Not knowing, she has come across her very own twin.

In her world, she is Larry David.
Brusque, Honest, & Blunt. Yet, very nice, in her own particular way.  
 Above everything else she's a realistic & a rebel. 
Uptight.. god yes.. Nevertheless, she laughs at her quirkiness, and feels absolutely normal...
Now, that she has stumble upon the most abnormal man alive.
 Larry David.

Here Are Top 10 Reasons Why I'd Love To marry Larry David 
10. Larry David Loves All Women: from Cheryl David, too Loretta Black, too even a flamboyant prostitute, the handicap, warrior women, and women with an itch in places that no man has gone before, or maybe some, Larry could even care less about religion, and sexuality.... 
He doesn't discriminate. 
However, where the line is drawn, is political beliefs. So, If you have a picture of George W. Bush around your house/dressing room.. Eh, when Larry David is in your presence, it's time too take it down. 

9. Sorry to be a gold digger here... But, royalties? After "Seinfeld", and now "Curb Your Enthusiasm".. Are you serious? any woman in her right, can tolerate Pretty, Pretty, Pretty a lot, for all that's coming in, and all that's going out.. 
I mean that Literally
Let's be honest here;  Why do you think Cheryl stayed with Larry, for so long?
Am Pretty, Pretty sure it wasn't the conversation, or the passionate affection.

8. I have a thing for bald men... Yes, it's a weakness of mines.. 
Me & Marisa Tomei, have a thing for obnoxious bald men. Bald man's paradise isn't over! This hate crime against bald men, is an abomination. Ostracizing certain individuals .. Really how long has this been going on?   
7. Larry David have extraordinary taste in gourmet food, plays, music, and movies.. 
He can dance, and knows every word, and lyrics too "West Side Story". He's even taught David Schwimmer a few dancing steps. Inevitably, shutting down those who shows a lack of artistic talent. 

6. Throughout Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David shows acts of kindness. Yet, his acts of kindness, always gets him into trouble. Especially with limo drivers.. Getting arrested for borrowing a fork, for the limo driver. Letting a drunk limo driver, roam around Ted Danson party. 

Helping, & arguing with a blind man with moving, and choice of women. Replacing 'Judy Brown Eyes' doll head, for the one he destroyed.....
Yet, the girl was suppose to be gifted. How could she have not known, the hair wouldn't grown back?.. that's besides the point... Sorry, I had a Loretta Black moment!. 

Larry's always apologizing, even when he's not wrong.. Allowing other people's stupidity, run wildly. As you see!
There are many examples, that demonstrate  Larry David's acts of kindness.. 
Even when it's presented in an awkward way; No matter how good his intentions are,  problems never ceased to exist.

Larry David prevails and tries to 'Rectify' each situation. When is he every going to learn? 

See if this fairy-tale ends as delightful, as it begun...........As Romantique Innocence Continues you with "10 Reasons Why I'd Marry Larry David "
Amour Toujours  
Nailah D'arcy 
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