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Thursday, December 13, 2012

One Saucy Wench:Michelle Pfeiffer Queen Of Elegance, Sex Appeal, & Romantic Disasters: Part 2

You really thought I'll leave you hanging didn't you?.. No faith in Nailah . Gosh, guys .. (joking)...
Michelle Pfeiffer creativity should be taking care of delicately. 
Her thespian persuasion 
continuously exhibit in various of films. 
Her out pouring beauty, and talent embraced us all..
Films she has starred in has given us a taste of elegance, sex appeal, and terribly love disaster as Romantique Innocence continues with...........
Top Six Michelle Pfeiffer Sensual Love Disasters

Number Three: Chéri
"Youthful Love"
A courtesan living her last days in pure luxury. Taking in any lover, & no love demands.
Just blissful days of expensive wine, food, vacations, & clothing trips. Years of testy flirtation leads too   
A classic disaster of age difference...Two lovers meant to be. Yet, a love that would be utterly impossible; for these lovers have a drastic age gap, that makes this reciprocated  love a disaster.
With Anteros against their love ..
 Léa de Lonval & her young companion are in the mist of a tragic Shakespearean love disaster ..  A story crossed lovers tale by Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette.
Number Two: Scarface 
"Crack Is Whack Love"
I can't call this a tale.. this is just a disaster from start to finish.. "Scarface" depicts a bad romance. Especially when money, and drugs are involved. 
makes everything just a tab bit whack on crack. 
Even though, this film is more famous for it memorable quotes, and some true realism from Tony Montana; There is a great story of unrequited love presented in "Scarface"

Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira Hancock depicted cracked out elegance. I must say it's pretty amazing how elegant someone under the influence can be. Her love for drugs landed her with some whacked out more, than herself. A story of if let your desire take over, it may lead you somewhere, or with someone you may not want to be with... in a drugged out love disaster.
Number One: Dangerous Liaison 
"I'll Do Anything For Love"
Sensual Innocence? 
One scoundrel slithering bet leads to his true love, and death .. 
And cat & mouse games
sounds like a masterpiece huh? in this case it is. One enriched by discovering hidden emotions, and the other learns life is more then a dictating morals. 

The elegance throughout "Dangerous Liaison" was presented by the characters, and the scenery. Sex was the main goal, so the appeal was brewing. The disaster ended similarly to the tale of Romeo & Juliette ( what's up with me and Shakespeare today) 
Michelle Pfeiffer as Madame de Tourvel is a great description of the title of this trilogy... a girlish heart ends with death, elegance, and a romantic enrichment, and disaster.

Words Only For Sauciest Ones.........
Let's just name Michelle Pfeiffer a versatile actress.
A subtle complexity often meets Michelle Pfeiffer: which she conquers in every film she stars in.. The sauciest woman/character teach us the lessons of life. She takes chances, and never seen as typical. She may be hated now, but will be adored in her death, and maybe even through her struggles.  Michelle Pfeiffer has played these lost souls countless times.. displaying either a nonchalant outlook on l'amour, or innocence reaching for utopia....
Which makes her Queen Of Elegance, Sex Appeal, & Romantic Disasters .... 
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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