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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bel Ami

I'm a fan of Robert Pattinsion.. And, let me tell you it's nice to see him acting out the vampire realms, or another cliche I love you, I cant live without you.
Photo By Oxgerryberryxo
The chance to showcase his true acting qualities. 

Bel Ami is an interesting story. The plot surrounds the desperate need for financially wealth. And, how far someone is willing to go too posses wealth.

The question we don't ask ourselves quite often:
What would you do if you have nothing?. When life becomes dire, the true character of each person comes alive.
We either become deviant or desperate. 
George Duroy answered this simple question.

A struggling veteran finds his way to a club/brothel, and lands himself among some of France's wealthiest women, through an old acquaintance. 

See, the way to wealth in 19th century France is not by the men, it's only by their wives. The only way to climb the latter to wealth is for George Duroy to become a Scoundrel.
Not by choice, but as the means of survival. George Duroy, hidden demons associates with poverty.. And, yet our friend knows you have to demolish rags, to receive riches..
Sounds like a pretty good deal with the devil right? 

Throughout this fascinating tale. George Duroy went through three interesting women, with distinct qualities.
One pristine, Next dominate, Lastly insecure ( sounds more like Who's really the lonely one article).
Yet, through this transition he also stumble upon back stabbers, and learned the rules of the trade, and maybe love ( I'll use the word loosely), also the use of a ghostwriter.

Eventually, George Duroy learns the rules of life is never too play nice. And, starts to defying women left, and right, and families. 

This left him a wealthy man in the end. With due diligence, & patience..wealth can be conquered.
See it's just not enough to be love. You gotta have it all...
The film, and the novel visually describes the human psyche.. a didactic of a scoundrel.
And how fast, you can quickly find yourself in the same position. And, how easy it is to become a Bel Ami.
Overall Opinion......
Yet, this film was quite off sometimes. I cannot praise, or look down upon Robert Pattinsion's acting.. I just don't seem to get him.. He reps an intensity. However, there are  moments his intrinsic style never flowed. And, from all the ranting, and raving over his beautifully looks, "Bel Ami" did not do him any justice. 
I was shocked by his disheveled appearance.

However, standing ovation too Kirstin Scott Thomas. Absolutely amazing actress, which was clearly displayed in this film.. She was the only actress that kept the movie alive. Also, Christina Ricci had some nice moments.
Albeit, this film was not the amazing. Its just okay. However, I do love the realistic point of view from Guy de Maupassant in this masterpiece.
My overall rating
2 out 5 
Held a lot of promise. But just wasn't executed correctly
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 
Robert Pattinson as George Duroy 
Uma Thurman as Madeleine Forestier
Kirstin Scott Thomas as Virginie Rousset
Christina Ricci as Clutide de Marelle
Colm Meaney as Charles Rousset
Holliday Grainger as Suzanne Roussett
Natalia Tena as Rachel The Prostitute 

Great Review Brian Orndorf

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