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Friday, November 23, 2012

A Time To Get Away From The Turkey, A Time To Stop Shopping, And Enjoy NFPF!

Abbey Hamlin
You said to write a poem about you,
I told you I couldn't,
my poems were written only in black and blue.
They danced with the ghouls of my past,
those half-eaten souls,
I believed they wouldn't last.
They were something cynical, and full of wit,
but you stirred hope inside of me,
and made me want to quit.
You were my heart’s lovely little crook,
full of laughter, and guarantee,
making my contemptuous eyes, take another look.
You said this world was full of beauty,
I was in disbelief,
your outlook, an absurdity.
Life told me this world was empty,
ebbing with their defective personalities,
but you, you, actuality.

By Abbey Hamlin.

I just love this poem by Abbey Hamlin
It's so beautiful. 
  I stumbled upon poetrywall. And, read some amazing poems, by aspiring poets. I was in awe by the talented that was presented.

Mes Amours.
I hope you all have a great Black Friday. And I hope you had a great thanksgiving!
Amour Toujours
Nailah d'arcy 

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