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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who's Really The Lonely One?

When the lights go out, behind the closed doors, and a façade that's not needed anymore.
Who's really the lonely one? The Mistress, The Wife, Or the Single Lady? 

These women are always hot topics for gossip etc.  Too the old maids, to the women who enjoy her liaisons, and to the wife with the cheating husband.
These women all have something in common
At the end of the day 
It comes down too; what she can offer? either a good time, social graces & advancement, or she's just way too too much to handle?
which one of these archetype is the loneliest?

Happily Married, Children, & What's Next?
I guess it would have been easier just by stating our first archetype the housewife. 

But, I'll rather call her superwomen. 

She's got a career, take care of the kids, cook, clean.. I think you get the picture..... Too the world her husband is loving, dotes on her, adores her... hmm

<<Nice picture right.. the old-fashion way of how a marriage use to be. ( maybe not perfect, but more ideal than now)

I bet some men miss the good-ol' days, of the obedient wife. He's property etc.. Boy, have things changes for the better ( well in that particular section).

Short-term, or long-term; eventually, boredom, finance, & infidelity kicks in ( differentiate from each marriage). A long-lasting marriage that's always been questionable. But, yet she's still there for many good, and bad reasons.
Is she truly the lonely one?

One thing I've noticed about the wife, is that she always got something to offer. However, that does not always mean wealth; it could mean array of things, such as: personality, physical appearance, etc. As I described in "The Gold Digger Myth"  Read More.

Faith Hill
In "The Stepford Wives"
Although I cannot say, every marriage is this bleak; just the many I observed. The wife is the show-off piece to keep the facade up..
Yeah, yeah, he may be fond of her. Now, love is another question...
Albeit, she may not be the one that makes he blood boils.. that's why the wife...
Is always a little boring.

This next women have a lot pizzazz, and a whole-Lotta personality. The night is for her, and he's loves her just for that. She doesn't ask questions, and she just gets job done

and she is...
I'm A Kept Women, Not A Prostitute!
Ah, The Mistress! History Loves you!
And, I'm just fascinated by you.
I know odd right?
Yet, just think about it the mistress sees it all..
The good, The terrible, The stupid, The shameful, The sad, The lonely, The tyrant.. I mean you name it she's seen it.
While the wife was superwomen, the mistress is the Supernova.

It actually quite funny how this name has such a bad stigma, yet, many women are called mistress of a household; yet somehow this word follow us everywhere. Irony!

No matter how many times you justified this topic; the lover, the mistress, the prostitute the all come together. Sometimes money is not involved. It's the need for passion, and acceptance..
In the eyes of others she's the harlot, either way.

"The prostitute archetype engages lessons in integrity and the sale or negotiation of one's integrity or spirit due to fears of physical and financial survival or for financial gain"  "Sacred Contracts" Caroline Myss 
"Prostitution should also be understood as the selling of your talents, ideas and any other expression of the self-or the selling of your talents" "Sacred Contracts" Caroline Myss
Some men would even state that the mistress gets the good end of the stick.

Now the prostitute .. oops I 'm sorry I meant The lover, or courtesan (whatever you want to call her ). She needs her lover for various reasons. In her case she gets the  totally end of the stick in this case.
But, this next women reannounced too taking any bows.
She wears her chastity belt on her hand, She's her own boss 
She wears the Ms. too her name, she wears this title very well.....

All The Single Ladies... Now, Put Your Hands Up!

Yep, all  44.9%  of you put your hands up!
Don't try to hide them
lol j.k
 including me! 

She's successful, beautiful, & smart, and she's single ..
Say what?
This is what the world is coming too!
these are the women that are sitting at home!
Capital offense!

This is the women many men can't stand!
she says whats she wants and does whatever her heart desires. 
She knows she deserves love. 
She wants you, but she don't need you.
She's not afraid to be alone. And, in some cases she's a single mother, and still unwilling to compromise.
A modern day Lilith. 

Oh yeah, and she's willing to wait for the right person.
Although, she is quite lonely, and sometimes a diva, and has beyond unrealistic expectations. Yet, someone has beaten her in the lonely department, and actually it's quite obvious...
hmm, I wonder who it is...

Words Of L'amour For Mes Amours, And An Ending That's Quite Obvious.......
Is it that we give men the right to choose? and put us in these category's
have things truly change?
I guess men have that right: because: For every 100 unmarried women there are 88 unmarried men? ( According too
I came to the conclusion ( I'm sorry my mother helped me out here. Thanks Mom!) that it's not the wife, the mistress, or even the single lady... It's him.. Oh yeah it's you buddy! reasons can vary why he does it.
But, he does.
Somehow he connects to each archetype is some way.
The wife he's cheating on, with the seductress mistress, the ex that he's fathered a child with, and just cannot stand.
I can't say every man is like this, that would be sexist. Albeit, I will say there are plentiful that wear Don Juan name proudly.

At, the end of the day every women have these particular archetypes in her.
Good, or bad it is a part of us...... And, the funny thing is that we fight among each other; when we are more closely linked together.

And, yet we fight, & rumors start involving around him, the loneliest out of all the archetypes.

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 


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Thank you.
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