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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Lilith what a name
A demon, or a deity what's the difference anyway?
She's fair & luscious
A master of destruction
A mystical thievery
A deity with such mischievousness
What an achievement a women known for evilness.

Lilith makes dreams
Moist & wet
A secrecy that you'll regret
But, never believe
A desire that's meant to be evil
Something daunting
Something that cannot be conceivable.

Lilith the seductress
 A succubi, & flaunts it
She taken by every uncomely desire
Yet, you want it!
A taunt for a lusty life, feisty persona
What's left?
A sinful death?

Lilith never loathes
Empathy is a mere waste of time 
She's all for the show
And, a grand time-
Never subservient
Her own master, and she's earned it.

Lilith will keep you engrossed
Bashful & unbalanced
Tasteful & luscious 
She's not the devil, she's a woman that will always be challenged-
That couldn't be handled-
Many thinks she devious
Scared, and terrified by her her mistreatment
Yet, many long for this testy treatment.
From the fair maiden that was never obedient.

By Nailah D'arcy 

Happy Halloween! 
Stay Safe 
Amour Toujours 
Nailah d'arcy

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