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Thursday, October 18, 2012

History Of L'amour:Claude-Achille Debussy Lazily In Love, Lovely In Chanson!

Does brilliance come with a price?
Impressionism vs. Love? 
Claude-Achille Debussy is very interesting to say the least.
Debussy life was a depict of Impressionist music. A life that's based off the surrounds, rather than true loving emotion. Debussy treated his lovers with superficial emotions.
With such turbulent relationships.
Art was his one and only lover.
Love was not in the arms of a woman, but only in composing in the tip of his fingers.
Talent breezed through Debussy, a colorful hidden artistry. 

A family in need for recognition. Greatness was installed into his visual world of music.
Although, musical inspirations came from an array of women, and family....  
Maybe this lifetime Debussy was for the love of expressing music?

Debussy loved himself, music and his daughter. Not the many women he drove insane!

Intelligent, and interesting looks intrigued many women.
Nevertheless, piqued another article of History Of L'amour...
Every Love Story Has A Beginning...   
Still a pupil, and in a need for financial help. Debussy took on an accompanist positions,while still attending Conservatoire. 
While teaching he meets his first acclaimed love.
 Blanche Vasnier.  
A lively personality, beautiful looks, & inspiring singer, & a flirt . I guess it's easy to sum up as to why she became Debussy muse, and lover for eight years. 

"I Have become accustomed to only to only wanting and only imaging through her.. this love which is mad"- Debussy 

However, Blanche Vasnier was a married women "She was one of those women of character whose husbands end up just being husbands"
Throughout their relationship, Debussy was also linked to many other women.
After, winning "Grand Prix de Rome" the liaison was pretty much over. Eventually, the Vasnier's moved, and found a new summer home. 
This affair was enchanting in the work of art, disenchanting with challenges of the mundane world is involved.
 Blanche Vasnier
The Muse That Made Achille... Now Claude
Another, long-lasting relationship.
Sensuality, and exoticism seem to follow him in music, and the women he chooses. Gabrielle Dupont inspired these feelings.
Gabrielle Dupont wast a muse to some of Debussy's greatest work. A courtesan with mysterious written all over her. A lustful appearance. 
Okay, come on this has muse written all over it! 
Gabrielle must've loved Debussy. Gabrielle dismissed her work, all for the sake of cohabitation.
courtesan not being paid screamed LOVE!
Becoming a courtesan was a way to get away from frivolous work such as: laundress, corset-maker etc. Needless to say, she signed on too such work, during her long lasting relationship with Debussy.

Their bohemianism lifestyle lacked a life of luxury. 
Living off of chocolate, and bread. And, only Gabrielle bringing in a small income; they were living in poverty.
While Debussy was among other artist, and developing compositions. Gabrielle was out trying to make a living.

Yet, all the loyalty Gabrielle showed Debussy, still could not keep Debussy faithful ( Yeah, I know right). 
And, is even engaged to Thérèse Roger (yeah, I know disaster written all over it ). 
Claude-Achille Debussy & Rosalie Lilly Texier
Being treated as a mistress, maid, slave, and infidelity, and now an engagement... 
Leads Gabby, to commit suicide. Yet, she failed.

This travesty broke all ties with Ernest Chausson. A good friend of Debussy.
Debussy & Thérèse Roger engagement destroyed many of his friendships. 
Oblivious to the fact that his mistress( Gabrielle Dupont ) was actually living with him, and now a suicide attempt. This disaster brought shame upon Thérèse. And, left Debussy friendless, fan-less, support-less....

This engagement ruined Thérèse Roger. The engagement was called off.
Emma Bardac & Claude-Achille Debussy
Even afterwards, Gabrielle Dupont was still having relations with Debussy. 

Apparently, Gabrielle got it together, and soon discovered life with Debussy was not healthy, or beneficial. And, left him for Comete Victor de Balbiani. According to Marcel Dietschy, the two remained friends.

After all that has transpired, Debussy was only scared to be alone... proven in a letter he wrote to Louys.  Debussy quoted 
"I need something to love". 

That's when he found Rosalie Lilly Texier. Although, Debussy felt Lily was "lackadaisical"

Hitherto, Gabrielle & Lilly were friends before Lilly, and Debussy nuptials

I feel that Debussy felt conflicted. 
Loneliness, and acceptance played a huge part. So much that he threatens to kill himself, if she wouldn't have him ( Not a great way to start off a marriage). 
Lilly eventually agrees.  
Debussy marriage too Lilly grew into fondness. Debussy admired her innocent approach towards him.
Yet, by 1903 his statement went from "Once my little wife" to "To my poor wife". 
With time Lilly's miscarriages, and charm fading, started taking its toll on Debussy.

Debussy started to stray. 
How surprising right?
After the creation "Pelléas et Mélisande", Debussy wanted more out of life. And, maybe felt that Lilly couldn't offer exactly what he wanted. 
Another Muse??...
Emma Bardac comes into the picture. 
Petite, youthful, and witty. 
Debussy took an interest in Bardac. 
Debussy was still married, trying to find ways to escape from Lilly. That's when the situation became grave. Lilly also tried to commit suicide, but failed. 
Chouchou & Debussy
Even after all this, Debussy still refused for any sort of reconciliation. ( wow)
Showed no pity.

Also, with Bardac was pregnant, and given  birth to a girl on October 30, 1905. Named Emma Claude, nick-name Chouchou. 

Eventually, Debussy and Lilly finalized there divorced. Soon after Emma, & Debussy were husband, and wife. 

I'm not sure if it was love, or comfortability, as to why Debussy ended his last days with Emma. 
I feel it was only because of his daughter.
Debussy true love of his life..
"Debussy was to remark towards the end of his life, when gravely ill, that were it not for Chouchou, he might have committed suicide." 
It's pretty known that Debussy truly only loved his daughter.  Yet, she died shortly after him. Very odd.   Chouchou was "His muse, that made Claude now Debussy"
Wait More Women?? or Just a Passing Fancy? 
"His infatuation with the sculptress Camille Claudel, an “ethereal, beautiful woman” who shared his love of Degas, was harmless  enough. As later was an undeclared crushon Mallarmé’s
daughter Geneviève, who bowled over many other men besides Debussy as she served punch at her father’s Tuesday evening gatherings of the symbolist. There were other such innocent infatuations with dream girls linked directly in Debussy’s fantasies" page 13
And, there were many more, that Debussy professed his love too.
Words Of Wisdom, & L'amour
 This man was truly not worth dying for. Yet, there's a lot of women that will beg to differ. 

I'm always a little disappointed in the life my role models lived. 
But, I was utterly disgusted of  Debussy lack of feelings, towards the women that were supposedly, Claude-Achille Debussy muses.
Although, debauchery is common among many artist/people. 
Maybe like many others, Debussy just needed a muse, nevertheless, without the lack of thought of others feelings .

Debussy erratic behavior towards l'amour, is so surprisingly tragic.
You always imagine with such artistic attributes, that love will be a breeze. Yet, it must have breezed right past him.
Beautiful music. Questionable man. 
But, everything in life comes with a price, and maybe love had a priced tag that he couldn't afford, but music was a simpler reach....more in Debussy price range.

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

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