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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Truth About Love

When I saw the title of this album, I was like Oh yeah, " A Must Have"!

However, this is a  brusque outlook on romance. 
This is a rough, and tough kick-ass chick point of view of romance, & love.
This album is full of I hate you, but I love you more, and that's the definition of love?

A crude, rude, loud, & obnoxious view of love..... I love it!  

"Truth About Love" Goes through the complexities of a love of what's underneath the surface.. the question we would like answered, and the insecurities, and all the stupid things we do for love... 
Pink touched many heartfelt moments that many experience in a relationships through "Truth About Love"
This is album is full of catchy songs you that's remind you of bad, and good moments. 

And, for some of you that are still in a relationship, would give you a theme song, that you'll need for particular moments!

With songs like "Walk Of Shame", & "Slut Like You" is a song of letting go of the days of too much fun......

"The Truth Of Love"& "True Love" a song of a realistic point view of love  "Try" & "Blow Me( One Kiss)" description of letting go of something that's not going to last  " My Signature" description of one crazy love "Just Give Me A Reason" Duet with Nate Ruess from F.U.N & "Is This Thing On" goes into of not letting go of something strong over insecurities. 

I love this album is so raw,  realistic, an edgy vintage sound. I love it. 
A clever play on lyrics, with a pop sound &  retro rock.
A Must have for romantiques.. 

I'm love Pink. I've been a Fan since Can't Take Me HomeLove realism comes in many forms. 

But, this time it comes through the "Truth About Love" album.  "Truth About Love" is an album made with love, and not for the obvious reason; But because love is "a sick twist of fate" and this album indulge in this ugly truth, with one edgy sound. 
"I'm not a slut! I just love love" -P!nk
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

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