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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jim Carrey & Love Obsessions: Part 2

Love obsession becomes Jim Carrey, very well.. His films come stacked with flippant personas.  Characters willing to do whatever, to get what he wants, and needs. However, flamboyant the characters he portray; It always displays a ending that question who we are, and what we are afraid of, and what we need to feel, and too be in love ...
As Romantique Innocence continues with....
Top five love obsessed Jim Carrey films

 Number Two: "Love sure is a funny thing. Makes you happy, makes you sad, makes you do all sorts of things you never thought you'd do before. In fact, love's the reason I'm laying here dying"
    I Love You Phillip Morris" what's a romance, without a bro-mance?
    Steven Jay Russell, and he's obsession was drum-roll please......... Phillip Morris  (  I guess that was easy to figure out) not in a bad way though. 
    "I'll Do Anything For Love" by Meat Loaf describes this film completely. 
    Nevertheless, this relationship came with a lot of jail time.
    An obsession gone to far. In this case I love this type of obsessions, who doesn't right?

    Number One: "I loved you on this day. I love this memory."
    "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

    Ever wanted to forget a lover, but realized those memories are treasurers, that made a big impact on who you are?
    I think we all have.
    But, eventually realized those memories are a part of us now, we may hate, or love them, but it was in our destiny to experience each  past relationships, emotion. While Joel Barish discovered that at the last minute.

    This has to be the best scientific romantic film ever. An obsession over a dream lover (aww), or in this case an ex-dream lover?

    Memories are what they are, but they are a part of us, and the true challenge is to let it go; because if it's truly yours it will come back too you.

    The Court Jester Always Has the Last Laugh!!!!!
    "The Clown reflects the emotions of the crowd, making a audience laugh by satirizing something they can relate to collectively or by acting out social absurdities. In general, the messages communicating through a Clowns humor are deeply serious and often critical of the hypocrisy in an individual or in some area of society'" Sacred Contacts By Caroline Myss

    When I read this, I instantly thought of Jim Carrey.
    Don't forget the Court Jester is never taken serious by society, but the king always listen to the advice the Court Jester gave.
    Self-discovery comes with a relationship. Nonetheless, it's quite funny that the class clown brings this to the lights, camera, & action. Not just once, twice, but through many films, and many more too come.
    Amour Toujours
    Nailah D'arcy 

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