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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Les Amours d'Astrée et de Céladon

Anyone who loves, & adores mythology tall-tales made into an enchanting romantic story, you will l'amour "The Romance Of  Astrée & Céladon".
Céladon, & Astrée is a tale of lovers meeting at a young age, fondness turns into love. 
Yet, with happiness there is always a hefty price to pay; that can either dissolve a romance, or enrich a love.

Bienvenue (Welcome) to 5th century France when mythology was the belief of many. A time when many believed crossing the gods was a capital offense...

Oh, yeah we are going that far back into time. 

A story of a naivety, sensuality, and the mystical thinking  challenges two lovers.... Astrée & Céladon.
Stéphanie Crayencour as Astrea

"The Romance Of  Astrée & Céladon" starts off innocently. At town gathering Astrée witness Céladon kissing another woman.  Astrée  goes off in a jealous rage, and orders Céladon to stay away from her from her until she says otherwise... 
Céladon obeys her wishes, but take it one step farther by trying to commit suicide. 

Although, Céladon did not succeed. Nymphs discovers Céladon, and helps him regain his health. 
Well, that was all fine, and dandy until Galathea notice how handsome he truly was. And, just like that he became a hostage, and a patient. Ultimately, Céladon does escape.. through cross-dressing, and help from a sympathetic Nymph.

After all this Céladon refuses to go home, and face Astrée  
So, this is what he decides to do.. 
Build a stick house, and decides 
to call it home (huh?). 
In in the name of love???
Even though Astrée is grieving, and still believes Céladon is deceased. Yet, through the help of a druid priest; a scheme is created to brings these love birds together once again.

Although, I'm very torn between loving this film, and totally hating it. The corny music scenes. To Céladon cheesy I cant live without her moments; which wasn't sexy at all, it was torturous to see how pathetic, and needy he was.. 
Every love story needs a strong man, this film failed terribly in that section.
 Andy Gillet as Celadon
Nevertheless, the film held a lot of promise.. it was effortless beautifully shot. You really felt  like you were in Gaul. Simplicity at it's best! 

Also, Andy Gillet is absolutely stunning. With androgynous features, he could have played both parts, Astrée, & Céladon.

However, I wasn't in love with the hero, and for me to love the film I have to love the man.

Overall, not a bad film if you love mythology, and romance; you'll like this film. For those who hate reading translation don't bother. It's cute, but pushing on cheesy... I wish I could have read this novel by Honoré d'Urfé, but there is not a single copy that's in English translation..
My Rating 
3 1/2 out of 5 
Amour Toujors 
Nailah D'arcy 

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