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Monday, September 10, 2012

Does Reality Television Destroy Marriages???

Reality Television is everywhere these days, it's truly our main entertainment. But, the question still remains....
Does reality television destroy relationships??? And, is it even real?
These days everyone wants to be famous. Dreaming of stardom, so when they get a shot at fifteen minutes of fame, what the heck most would take two minutes of fame. 
Just for the chance to be admired, and of course the money.
Albeit, as we watch reality stars daily lives, we get too see relationships blossom, remain anonymous, or dissolved right in front of our eyes.
However, reality television is very entertaining, but behind close doors can it destroy a love foundation?
One Question... Is It Real, or Fiction?

EdTv is a example
of how reality tv
can change you,
& your relationships 
I mean it's called entertainment for a reason!
Nevertheless, it's pretty easy to get a dozen of women together with big personality's , who's desperate for instant fame, and willing to fight for it..
So, petty arguments are very easy to come by, and in this case fifteen minutes, went to twenty minutes of fame.

However, there has been many reality stars stating the fact, that reality television is indeed staged.

Although, many have quoted that it's scripted. Albeit, I do believe it.  Yet, reality is so much like High School it's easy to think it can be real. Because you can always say "hey, I know someone like that', ' I know someone who did that to me' etc..
But, how fake is it when relationships are involved ?
Would the producers go so far to brings conflict into someones love life?....

If reality destroys relationships..for ratings.. that's pretty sad. Would you really want your marriage to be toyed with, for fame?

"Nene Leakes separated from her husband of 14 years Gregg Leakes—a real estate investor and business consultant who had been involved in several mortgage schemes and subsequently filed for divorce on April 29, 2010, during season three.Although the divorce was filed, the two were cuddled up at the Essence Festival July 4, 2011. The divorce was finalized September 29, 2011, after season four had finished shooting, However, the pair were spotted together at the premier party for Real Housewives of Atlanta's 4th season on November 6, 2011 and also vacationed together in Miami on May 6, 2012  leading many to speculate the divorce was made for television."

Nevertheless, I think the viewers tend to forget all about "Editing", which could make one little incident turn into a divorce, or it could be just acting, or there wasn't anything there at all, and reality television brought it to the forefront.
So, I guess it goes right back to the question is it fake, or fiction??

Love & Reality Television
After watching "Oprah Next Chapter" interview with Kelsey Grammer; which  I thought became very weird when Grammer talked about  "that person'", and his new wife looking at him for approval to speak.

It all dawned on me does reality television ruin marriages, or bring a disastrous marriage to the forefront..

Marriages/relationship that lasted short, and long duration; After one, or more seasons on reality television, most ends in divorce/breakup.
Which I thought was very strange.

Let me name some marriages that went astray Hulk Hogan & Linda Claridge , Jessica  Simpson & Nick Lachey , and the disastrous Jon & Kate Plus 8 , Vicki Gunvalson, & Don ( read more)  awkward relationship, to even Mimi discovering Stevie J infidelities.
And, even family members interfering with Cynthia Bailey marriage license, too her now husband Peter Thomas... too many difficulties in reality television evolving around couples failing relationships.I mean this list goes on....

Neverthless, the authenticity is always questioned. Especially when the marriage, or relationship goes south. They're spouses are giving interviews, & discussing the martial problems with the public? Which makes it less believable.

Is this truly scripted, or was this just a mirror of a questioned matrimony?

Through the mist of bad marriages, there are some that display warmth, and maybe true love ( I use the word loosely).
Such as: Khloe & Lamar, Rasheeda & Kirk, Vince & Tamar, Kim & Troy. 

Am pretty sure many debate the strength of each reality stars relationships. Because the reunions are always filled with question from the viewers, and many blog post on the authenticity of each relationship.
And, every new season with a new boy/girl toy.
Your Words Of Wisdom & Words Of L'amour....Television is what it is.. entertainment.
 I think we all tend to forget that.
Although, I'm not sure a divorce, & new relationship are scripted.
I don't think we would ever know, there could be many reason why reality marriages & relationships never pan out.
We see reality stars changing quickly, the fame get's to them. And a big ego can destroy any marriage.

Does the Diva get the best of the relationship?  brings her to new avenues leaving many behind for something big & better.. or just pure entertainment? what do you think??...

This time, I'm speechless. I'm not a pop culture expert as you see..
Tell me your words of wisdom, and l'amour!

What's your thoughts on this particular topic?

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

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