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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Romantic Moments

It's was dim outside, after a long hot and warm summers day. And like many people, Sunday's are  relaxing days, after a vexing week.

While watching television I stumble upon Andre Rieu, "Live in Tuscany"..
Best Day of my life!
I must say thanks too PBS! Thank You!
 But Oh My Zeus, what an amazing talent.

After that wondrous introduction, I wanted.. No! needed  to hear more of André Rieu beautiful melodies.
 I've been in a whirlwind. It seems his music  follows you where every you go. Like your own theme music.
Beyond stunning!
It seems that André Rieu receives criticism for he's maudlin touch to Classical Music ( Yeah, go after the romantics right? lol).

Right after I watch the "Live in Tuscany", I started searching for his albums ( I hate watching DVD's of music. I love to travel through my own imagination) And, I come across "Romantic Moments", and wow I can feel the intensity, and the story he's trying to portray.
Quite Powerful. 
While watching "Live In Tuscany" André Rieu spellbound talent have a'Neptune Music Effect' on the audience.
Watching their expressions. I sense Poseidon has take over their imagination.
It's obvious the violin loves him and proves it in many of his concerts, and albums.
And this is just one of them.

"Romantic Moments" is full of lovely melodies such as: "Song To The Moon", "Lied an den Mond", "Opernball: Komm mit mir ins Chambre Séparée", "Londonderry Air", and my favorite "Sphärenklänge Opus 235"

This album would put you to sleep. A blissful sleep.
André Rieu Neptuism effect  has a wondrous take on classical music. And, know this is not a science project, this is just another album made out of l'amour.
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy   

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