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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Want To Test The Strength Of Your Relationship?

Try having your lover in coma and suddenly arises, and not remember you at all....

Okay, wait I'm going way to fast!

Let me ask you one question did you love "The Notebook"?... well... are you ready for a remake with the same plot in mind.....well, you don't have to wait no longer because "The Vow" would crave that thirst you have. (gosh, I should write commercials right?)

The vow surrounds two characters desperately in love, with one fatal disaster either testing their love, or just tearing a love apart!
And, if so fate & mother nature failed terribly; because the strength, and strive of one man's love.
And, know he's name is not cupid.... It's Leo Collins.
After a disastrous car accident, Paige (Leo's wife) goes into in coma, and wakes up; not remembering anything, but she remembered her life before Leo .
This hurts Leo profoundly. 

Eventually, Paige's family discover that Paige has been in a fatal accident and tries to persuades Paige to come back home; Protesting, Leo suggests that Paige goes into her normal routine.

Nevertheless, Paige decides to give it a try and goes into her normal day-to-day routine, too see if her old memories will reappear.
Paige's life with Leo seem bizarre and strange to Paige. Which leads her back to her old boyfriend, and a family that was a strain from the beginning that left her thoughts, and tore the foundation she had built with Leo.

Leaves a lover frustrated, and leaves Paige just confused.

Am not sure if it was cupid, fate, destiny, or Leo that gave these two a second chance to make their memories not just fond, but incredibly, and more memorable with strength  and endurance; and a story to tell, & even sell.

I will be totally honest. I actually did not like this film at all... Not only because it was so cliche... because Channing Tatum. Gosh, his acting was so forced, just like his less desirable "Dear John" I know every teen-age girl in the world is hate me for this.
Although, he is very good-looking. I'll give him that... As, an actor.... hmm, that's questionable.
Rachel McAdams kept the romance alive, and vibrate and somewhat realistic throughout this film.

The message was perfect....And, I love how the story is inspired by true events, also very cute funny moments. But, I did not shed a tear.
This film was awful ( gosh, I hate being so harsh)

Fans of Channing Tatum see it, fans of deep heartfelt films don't bother! 
My ratings 
1 1/2 of 5
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 
Channing Tatum as Leo Collins 
Rachel McAdams as Paige Collins
Scott Speedman as Jeremy 
Sam Neil as Bill Norton
"Paige's Father"
Jessica McNamee as Rita Thornton
"Paige's Mother"

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