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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TalNotBlond.......And, Wait There's More???

20/20: "Dangerous Liaisons" 
This tale is not at all linked to the classic Christopher Hampton's play.. No, this is just another tale of the dark side of online dating.
20/20 goes inside the story of what's now called "TalHotBlond".

A tale of false identity, turns into a murder.

47-year-old, & married Thomas Montgomery. A typical life led to just a simple ol' poker game which started out innocently. 

That's until  Jessi, a 17-year-old that's young pretty, & willing.
Doubts of being turned down because of age, & physical appearance; Thomas became Tommy. A younger version of Thomas. 
Eventually, Tommy's is caught, and Jessi finds out the truth.
This is where the story turns too something more enticing. 
Brian Barrett, Thomas co-worker. 
The complete opposite of Thomas. A young college student aspiring to be a teacher.
Jessi loves titillating her pursuers, and goes back, and forth between Tommy & Brain.  
The animosity between these two, reach a plight .... which ends with Brian murdered.

Albeit, Jessi has a secret .. But, wait her name isn't Jessi. No, no, no.. that's her daughter's name. Mary Shieler is a middle aged women using photos of her own daughter to lure men. Yeah....I'm speechless. 
Her own insecurities destroyed a life.....

20/20 chats with Thomas, and get's his side of the story. On the other hand, Mary declines to speak on her behalf..... 

Mes amours,

I had to do some seriously investigation after this story aired. I was so curios, with questions like Why? & How? & What?.. 
20/20  presented a story of false identity online.. gone completely wrong
Nevertheless, I thought there had to be many more with this problem.. And, I discovered they're many....Too many in fact.
Your Hurting Yourself, & Others.. 

Brian Barrett
& how is this fair?... I am not sure, how many people have used false photos online.
Although, I was 'Blown' away when I googled "I have a problem with pretending to be someone else online". There are so many forums that surround this particular addiction. 

Majority claimed that they were in love with their chat buddies. Which I found odd, because I call the internet the drunk you ( meaning people are bolder over the internet) and most people never act the same way in person. The internet makes it easy to romanticized yourself; personality, image etc.

Also, contact is very important for a loving relationship; so how would a fantasy relationship make one think that their in love??

Although, I get it, your proving the fact that beauty is what get peoples attention. Showing others how far you can get with one pretty picture.... 
Truly, I get it!
But, when emotions are involved.. the situation can end badly, or even deadly. Playing with people emotions, is something I am strongly against. And, even written how far it cane go in recent post "Is it love, obsession, or just crazily in love?"

Eventually, keeping up the facade will either catch up too you, either by telling the truth, or the truth finding you...
Most people believe that given the opportunity, everything else equal, people will lie more online than they would face-to-face,” said Jeff Hancock , an associate professor of communications at Cornell University who specializes in information technology and deception.
Hate To Blame Society, But, Do We Play A Part In This????
Altering photos, only presenting beautiful models, plastic surgery. 
Our society is basically telling us what's right, what's wrong, what's beautiful, what's not.. 
I mean come on it's pretty easy to become self conscious.. the internet, television, is full of vanity. Getting lost in a fantasy, is an escape from everything in life that is is boring, or troubled, I get it.

Albeit, we cannot blame this solely on vanity; there may be psychology problems to make someone go to this extreme.
Although, lying is common in online dating....How far are you willing to go for acceptance?
"Daters lie to meet the expectations of what they think their audience is,” Professor Toma said Nytimes
Is this right? going by expectations of what the crowd wants?? And, as people we find this acceptable??

My Question Is.... Why???
I mean the stories I've read are quite sad to be honest.. 
I did not know this was an epidemic. 
This is more serious, than what I thought..... 
Mes Amours,
this time I'm speechless. I really do not have a hypothesis as too why this is even going on... It's quite scary, and sad... And, I would really like to know why?? I mean everyone dislikes something about themselves. But to play someone else.... I truly don't get it.. What do you think?

Words Of Wisdom, and L'amour 
Technology is the golden medal of the 21st century, but, is also our bronze medal.. Seriously, we have created a new addiction of pure fantasy & insecurity. 
Everyone is to blamed, we are a vain society. 
But, the world is what it is... 
The world. 
Things will never changed, this perfect ideal imagine has been going on for centuries. Now of days a "Dangerous Liaison" is "Dangerous Amour Ordinateur".
They never lie you gotta love yourself, before anyone can love you........
Love never comes with a facade.

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

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