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Sunday, August 5, 2012

History Of L'amour: Edith Wharton Literature Was Her Only Lover

Picture this a gossip society, wealth, class, & a prestigious upbringing!
Nice picture huh?
Well, this was the life of keeping up the Kardashians.. oops, I'm sorry I meant The Joneses.

Edith Newbold Jones, also known as Edith Wharton, one of the most popular authors in the Progressive Era, & Gilded Era.
She has entertained us with the taste of American aristocracy of the life of secrets, scandals, greed, and proving the myth that money cannot buy you happiness.

After reading "The Age Of Innocence". I felt this novel was written for a purpose. Albeit, I was more curious with her life rather than her well cherished novels. 

At the end of the day literature is what it is.... A fable. 
So, the question remains: 
who was Ms. Wharton?. And, that question we love too ask here at Romantique Innocence... was she ever loved?

The literary truth; is that many poets, authors, and even musician have either a love story of many passionate affairs, or complete loneliness that reflecting into their artistry.
Here's Edith Wharton story of l'amour..

Edith life was riddle with loneliness.
Edith Wharton first taste of a bad romance, was her  engagement to Harry Stevens. Good-looking, & witty fellow, although, he lacked social credentials; and, oh yeah he came with baggage. His mother (an overly ambitious woman). 
Nonetheless, this wedding never happened. The reasons are unknown

Plenty gossip got around, but gossip is what it is.........gossip. 
But, this engagement left Edith publicly ridiculed. She was the hot topic among whispers among her peers. 
Literary career vs. marriageable duty.. 
Many thought she was putting her literary ambitions, before her duty as a wife...

Walter Van Rensselaer Berry "The love of all my life" quoted by Edith Wharton.
Walter's scorpion attributes caught Edith interest. 
Deep, and sentimental behind closed doors, hard, and stern to the outside world. 
Known as a perpetual bachelor. Professional ambition & ailments may have prevented him from every getting married. 
Although, these two never had an affair, but they remained friends, and continue to correspond with each other.

Edward Robbins Wharton is an interesting fellow, and what such a terrible match Edith & Teddy were. 
Teddy was not what you would call ambitious, quite lazy on the contrary; but, made it up with social graces. Just another marriage of convenience.... gone typical, then gone mad...
This marriage was muddle with adultery, mental illness, and false pretenses for social respect.
Teddy Wharton
Eventually, with so much chaos in their marriage. There was nothing else to hope for, but divorce. 
Which ended in this case, terribly. 

Before, their marriage was on the verge of a divorce, lack of zing led Edith too..William Morton Fullerton.
Zero intimacy in her marriage, made Edith very innocent when it came to sexual encounters.
The tryst between Edith, & Fullerton changed from hot & cold. Edith'e actions show no passion, with a hint of desperation; while Fullerton was known for his many passionate affairs, and treated this affair no different from a previous sexual escapades. 
Although, I don't feel this relationship was love. I guess you can call this 'sexual convenient'.
Nevertheless, This relation changed Edith profoundly. She's even called Fullerton her "ideal intellectual partner".

William Morton Fullerton
Life of indolence, boredom, and self indulgence. Is lovely, but lacked two things, passion, and love in Edith's life. Albeit, she lived a fiery life in literature, yet only convenience in her real life.
Her knowledge was the basis of the human psyche, which made her a great novelist; Although, it was not a benefit in her love life.

Edith used quotes such as "ideal intellectual partner" & "The love of all my life". Makes one to believe she was a 'romantique addict'... she saw the great qualities in her lovers, but never faults in the men she admired. Makes me believe she was very insecure. Maybe lack of love & affection from family, and following social norms made her in love with love. This may have brought realism, and wisdom at an older age. Yet, also channeled into many lovely novels.

Well educated, well traveled, and even successful, Ms. Wharton even had many friends & animals. But yet no lover?
A guess keeping up with the Kardashians ....( oops, sorry  I did it again lol)  I meant the Joneses is great for financially success. But, love never has price tag!
Maybe she did find love......
Edith Wharton found a lover in literature and literature still loves her til this day.

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

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